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Please don't question my curiosity.

I don't see how it's apparent that no EV yields have changed for any Pokemon, as the Bulbapedia article you linked to (or, at least, that section of the Bulbapedia article) doesn't say anything about EV yields changing.

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Source & EV yields Gen 3-4
EV yields Gens 5-6
EV yields Gens 7
That article has a list, too.

Pokemon whose yields changed in Gen 4: Roselia (B)
Pokemon whose yields changed in Gen 5: Ninetales, Shaymin Sky Forme (C), Watchog (D)
Pokemon whose yields changed in Gen 7: Alolan Ninetails (E), Alolan Dugtrio (E), Aegislash (F)

A lot less than I expected. I also included what I found about exp (because base exp has changed a lot) mostly because it was also listed with EV yield.
I noticed that almost all the exp changed in Gen 5 more than other gens. Also, in Gen 7, megas/primals/Hoopa Unbound give more exp than their other forms.
I had to go down the whole lists manually :(

(A) Note that EVs didn't exist in the first two games, because they hadn't developed "Birch's Theorem", as the community calls it, but they did exist in the remakes (Leaf Green, Fire Red, Heart Gold, Soul Silver).
(B) Roselia now gives 2 Sp. Atk instead of 1 Sp. Atk.
(C) Sky Forme now gives 3 Spe instead of 3 HP.
(D) Watchog had 1 Atk in Black/White and 2 Atk in Black/White 2.
(E) All other Alolan forms give the same EV yield as their Kanto forms.
(F) Blade Forme now gives 2 Atk, 1 Sp. Atk instead of 2 Def, 1 Sp. Def.

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Roselia giving only one SpA EV explains away literally every problem I have ever had with EV training. THAT'S why it never added up...
Why the hell are you using Roselia? The Spindas on Route 113 are much better for EV training.
two reasons:
one, both Oddish and Roselia are extremely common there, both granting SpA EVs.
two, I had no clue that Spinda granted SpA EVs.

just ignorance
Apparently Misdreavus's EV yield changed in Generation 4.