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Give me the number of new abilities introduced each Gen and what they are, please.


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Generation 3 introduced 77 abilities (including cacophony).
Air Lock (Ability)
Arena Trap (Ability)
Battle Armor (Ability)
Blaze (Ability)
Cacophony (Ability)
Chlorophyll (Ability)
Clear Body (Ability)
Cloud Nine (Ability)
Color Change (Ability)
Compound Eyes (Ability)
Cute Charm (Ability)
Damp (Ability)
Drizzle (Ability)
Drought (Ability)
Early Bird (Ability)
Effect Spore (Ability)
Flame Body (Ability)
Flash Fire (Ability)
Forecast (Ability)
Guts (Ability)
Huge Power (Ability)
Hustle (Ability)
Hyper Cutter (Ability)
Illuminate (Ability)
Immunity (Ability)
Inner Focus (Ability)
Insomnia (Ability)
Intimidate (Ability)
Keen Eye (Ability)
Levitate (Ability)
Lightning Rod (Ability)
Limber (Ability)
Liquid Ooze (Ability)
Magma Armor (Ability)
Magnet Pull (Ability)
Marvel Scale (Ability)
Minus (Ability)
Natural Cure (Ability)
Oblivious (Ability)
Overgrow (Ability)
Own Tempo (Ability)
Pickup (Ability)
Plus (Ability)
Poison Point (Ability)
Pressure (Ability)
Pure Power (Ability)
Rain Dish (Ability)
Rock Head (Ability)
Rough Skin (Ability)
Run Away (Ability)
Sand Stream (Ability)
Sand Veil (Ability)
Serene Grace (Ability)
Shadow Tag (Ability)
Shed Skin (Ability)
Shell Armor (Ability)
Shield Dust (Ability)
Soundproof (Ability)
Speed Boost (Ability)
Static (Ability)
Stench (Ability)
Sticky Hold (Ability)
Sturdy (Ability)
Suction Cups (Ability)
Swarm (Ability)
Swift Swim (Ability)
Synchronize (Ability)
Thick Fat (Ability)
Torrent (Ability)
Trace (Ability)
Truant (Ability)
Vital Spirit (Ability)
Volt Absorb (Ability)
Water Absorb (Ability)
Water Veil (Ability)
White Smoke (Ability)
Wonder Guard (Ability)

Generation 4 Introduced 47 abilities.
Adaptability (Ability)
Aftermath (Ability)
Anger Point (Ability)
Anticipation (Ability)
Bad Dreams (Ability)
Download (Ability)
Dry Skin (Ability)
Filter (Ability)
Flower Gift (Ability)
Forewarn (Ability)
Frisk (Ability)
Gluttony (Ability)
Heatproof (Ability)
Honey Gather (Ability)
Hydration (Ability)
Ice Body (Ability)
Iron Fist (Ability)
Klutz (Ability)
Leaf Guard (Ability)
Magic Guard (Ability)
Mold Breaker (Ability)
Motor Drive (Ability)
Multitype (Ability)
No Guard (Ability)
Normalize (Ability)
Poison Heal (Ability)
Quick Feet (Ability)
Reckless (Ability)
Rivalry (Ability)
Scrappy (Ability)
Simple (Ability)
Skill Link (Ability)
Slow Start (Ability)
Sniper (Ability)
Snow Cloak (Ability)
Snow Warning (Ability)
Solar Power (Ability)
Solid Rock (Ability)
Stall (Ability)
Steadfast (Ability)
Storm Drain (Ability)
Super Luck (Ability)
Tangled Feet (Ability)
Technician (Ability)
Tinted Lens (Ability)
Unaware (Ability)
Unburden (Ability)

Generation 5 introduced 41 abilities.
Analytic (Ability)
Big Pecks (Ability)
Contrary (Ability)
Cursed Body (Ability)
Defeatist (Ability)
Defiant (Ability)
Flare Boost (Ability)
Friend Guard (Ability)
Harvest (Ability)
Healer (Ability)
Heavy Metal (Ability)
Illusion (Ability)
Imposter (Ability)
Infiltrator (Ability)
Iron Barbs (Ability)
Justified (Ability)
Light Metal (Ability)
Magic Bounce (Ability)
Moody (Ability)
Moxie (Ability)
Multiscale (Ability)
Mummy (Ability)
Overcoat (Ability)
Pickpocket (Ability)
Poison Touch (Ability)
Prankster (Ability)
Rattled (Ability)
Regenerator (Ability)
Sand Force (Ability)
Sand Rush (Ability)
Sap Sipper (Ability)
Sheer Force (Ability)
Telepathy (Ability)
Teravolt (Ability)
Toxic Boost (Ability)
Turboblaze (Ability)
Unnerve (Ability)
Victory Star (Ability)
Weak Armor (Ability)
Wonder Skin (Ability)
Zen Mode (Ability)

Generation 6 introduced 27 abilities.
Aerilate (Ability)
Aroma Veil (Ability)
Aura Break (Ability)
Bulletproof (Ability)
Cheek Pouch (Ability)
Competitive (Ability)
Dark Aura (Ability)
Delta Stream (Ability)
Desolate Land (Ability)
Fairy Aura (Ability)
Flower Veil (Ability)
Fur Coat (Ability)
Gale Wings (Ability)
Gooey (Ability)
Grass Pelt (Ability)
Magician (Ability)
Mega Launcher (Ability)
Parental Bond (Ability)
Pixilate (Ability)
Primordial Sea (Ability)
Protean (Ability)
Refrigerate (Ability)
Stance Change (Ability)
Strong Jaw (Ability)
Sweet Veil (Ability)
Symbiosis (Ability)
Tough Claws (Ability)

Generation 7 introduced 41 abilities.
Battery (Ability)
Battle Bond (Ability)
Beast Boost (Ability)
Berserk (Ability)
Comatose (Ability)
Corrosion (Ability)
Dancer (Ability)
Dazzling (Ability)
Disguise (Ability)
Electric Surge (Ability)
Emergency Exit (Ability)
Fluffy (Ability)
Full Metal Body (Ability)
Galvanize (Ability)
Grassy Surge (Ability)
Innards Out (Ability)
Liquid Voice (Ability)
Long Reach (Ability)
Merciless (Ability)
Misty Surge (Ability)
Power Construct (Ability)
Power of Alchemy (Ability)
Prism Armor (Ability)
Psychic Surge (Ability)
Queenly Majesty (Ability)
Receiver (Ability)
RKS System (Ability)
Schooling (Ability)
Shadow Shield (Ability)
Shields Down (Ability)
Slush Rush (Ability)
Soul-Heart (Ability)
Stakeout (Ability)
Stamina (Ability)
Steelworker (Ability)
Surge Surfer (Ability)
Tangling Hair (Ability)
Triage (Ability)
Water Bubble (Ability)
Water Compaction (Ability)
Wimp Out (Ability)


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Gen. 8 introduced 33 currently known abilities. This may/will change and if/when it does, I will edit accordingly.
As One
Ball Fetch
Chilling Neigh
Cotton Down
Curious Medicine
Dauntless Shield
Dragon's Maw
Gorilla Tactics
Grim Neigh
Gulp Missile
Hunger Switch
Ice Face
Ice Scales
Intrepid Sword
Mirror Armor
Neutralizing Gas
Pastel Veil
Perish Body
Power Spot
Propeller Tail
Punk Rock
Quick Draw
Sand Spit
Screen Cleaner
Steam Engine
Steely Spirit
Unseen Fist
Wandering Spirit

Quick note - USUM introduced the ability Neuroforce to make 42 abilities introduced in Gen. 7.

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