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Give me the number of new type combinations introduced each Gen and what they are, please.


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~=type change due to introduction to Fairy-types

Gen 1:
Count: 37 (33 by Gen 1 Type Chart)
Normal/-, Normal/Flying, Normal/Fairy~(Normal/-), Fire/-, Fire/Flying, Water/-, Water/Ice, Water/Fighting, Water/Poison, Water/Flying, Water/Psychic, Electric/-, Electric/Flying, Electric/Steel~(Electric/-), Grass/-, Grass/Poison, Grass/Psychic, Ice/Flying, Ice/Psychic, Fighting/-, Poison/-, Poison/Ground, Poison/Flying, Ground/-, Psychic/-, Psychic/Fairy~(Psychic/-), Bug/-, Bug/Grass, Bug/Poison, Bug/Flying, Rock/Water, Rock/Ground, Rock/Flying, Ghost/Poison, Dragon/-, Dragon/Flying, and Fairy/-~(Normal/-)

Gen 2:
Count: 23 (21 by Gen 2-5 Type Chart)
Normal/Psychic, Fire/Rock, Water/Electric, Water/Ground, Water/Dragon, Water/Fairy~(Water/-), Grass/Flying, Ground/Flying, Ice/Ground, Psychic/Flying, Bug/Fighting, Bug/Rock, Bug/Steel, Rock/-, Rock/Dark, Ghost/-, Dark/-, Dark/Fire, Dark/Ice, Dark/Flying, Steel/Ground, Steel/Flying, and Fairy/Flying~(Normal/Flying)

Gen 3:
Count: 21 (20 by Gen 2-5 Type Chart)
Fire/Fighting, Fire/Ground, Water/Grass, Water/Dark, Grass/Fighting, Grass/Dark, Ice/-, Fighting/Psychic, Ground/Psychic, Ground/Dragon, Bug/Water, Bug/Ground, Bug/Ghost, Rock/Grass, Rock/Psychic, Dragon/Psychic, Dark/Ghost, Steel/-, Steel/Psychic, Steel/Rock, and Steel/Fairy~(Steel/-)

Gen 4:
Count: 16 (13 by Gen 2-5 Type Chart and Gen 4 games)
Normal/Water, Fire/Steel, Water/Steel
Electric/Ghost~(other new types through this Pokémon's forms include Electric/Fire, Electric/Grass, and Electric/Ice), Grass/Ice, Grass/Ground, Ice/Ghost, Fighting/Steel, Poison/Fighting, Poison/Dark, Ghost/Flying, Ghost/Dragon, and Steel/Dragon

Gen 5:
Count: 20 (19 by Gen 2-5 Type Chart)
Normal/Grass, Normal/Fighting, Water/Ghost, Grass/Steel, Grass/Fairy~(Grass/-), Ground/Electric, Ground/Ghost, Ground/Dark, Flying/-, Bug/Fire, Bug/Electric, Rock/Fighting, Ghost/Fire, Dragon/Fire, Dragon/Electric, Dragon/Ice, Dark/Fighting, Dark/Dragon, Dark/Steel, and Psychic/Fire

Gen 6:
Count: 16 (14 not including Megas)
Normal/Ground, Fire/Normal, Fire/Water, Electric/Normal, Electric/Fairy, Grass/Dragon(Mega), Fighting/Flying, Poison/Dragon, Psychic/Ghost, Rock/Ice, Rock/Dragon, Rock/Fairy, Ghost/Grass, Dragon/Fairy(Mega), Dark/Psychic, and Steel/Ghost

Gen: 7
Count: 13 (8 not including Alolan Forms)
Normal/Dragon, Electric/Psychic(A), Ice/Steel(A), Ice/Fairy(A), Fighting/Ice, Fighting/Ghost, Poison/Fire, Poison/Rock, Bug/Fairy, Rock/Electric(A), Ghost/Fairy, Dragon/Fighting, and Dark/Normal(A)

Gen: 8
Count: 8 (5 not including Galarian Forms)
Electric/Poison, Electric/Dark, Ice/Fire(G), Ice/Bug, Poison/Psychic(G), Poison/Fairy(G), Bug/Psychic, and Dark/Fairy

The remaining 17 dual-types can be found here.

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Note that when a singular type is listed, for example, just "Normal", I'm referring to a Pokemon with that type and that type only.

The first Normal, Water, Grass, Psychic, Fire, Electric, Normal/Flying, Fighting, Bug, Poison, Ground, Bug/Flying, Grass/Poison/, Bug/Poison, Dragon, Rock/Water, Rock/Ground, Water/Flying, Bug/Grass, Fire/Flying, Water/Poison, Water/Ice, Dragon/Flying, Water/Psychic, Electric/Flying, Rock/Flying, Poison/Flying, Ghost/Poison, Grass/Psychic, Poison/Ground, Water/Fighting, Ice/Flying, Ice/Psychic, and Fire/Rock type(s) were introduced in Gen 1. (Total is 34.)

The first Rock, Dark, Ghost, Water/Ground, Grass/Flying, Psychic/Flying, Bug/Steel, Bug/Rock, Dark/Flying, Steel/Ground, Normal/Psychic, Ground/Flying, Bug/Fighting, Water/Electric, Ground/Ice, Steel/Flying, Water/Dragon, Dark/Ice, Electric/Steel, and Rock/Dark type(s) were introduced in Gen 2. (Total is 20.)

The first Ice, Steel/Psychic, Ground/Dragon, Rock/Steel, Fire/Fighting, Steel, Water/Dark, Fighting/Psychic, Fire/Ground, Water/Grass, Grass/Fighting, Grass/Dark, Ground/Psychic, Rock/Grass, Rock/Psychic, Bug/Ground, Dragon/Psychic, Dark/Ghost, Bug/Water, and Bug/Ghost type(s) were introduced in Gen 3. (Total is 20.)

The first Poison/Dark, Ghost/Flying, Fighting/Steel, Poison/Fighting, Grass/Ice, Normal/Water, Ghost/Dragon, Steel/Dragon, Fire/Steel, Water/Steel, Grass/Ground, Electric/Ghost, and Ice/Ghost type(s) were introduced in Gen 4. (Total is 13.)

The first Normal/Fighting, Ground/Ghost, Bug/Electric, Ghost/Fire, Dark/Dragon, Ground/Dark, Fire/Psychic, Dragon/Fire, Dark/Fighting, Normal/Grass, Bug/Fire, Water/Ghost, Dragon/Electric, Dark/Steel, Flying, Ground/Electric, Rock/Fighting, Electric/Fire, Electric/Grass, Electric/Ice and Dragon/Ice type(s) were introduced in Gen 5. (Total is 21.)

The first Ghost/Grass, Fairy, Normal/Fairy, Psychic/Fairy, Grass/Fairy, Water/Fairy, Steel/Ghost, Steel/Fairy, Dark/Psychic, Rock/Ice, Rock/Dragon, Rock/Fairy, Fire/Normal, Grass/Dragon, Electric/Normal, Electric/Fairy, Psychic/Ghost, Fairy/Flying, Normal/Ground, Poison/Dragon, Fire/Water, Fighting/Flying, and Dragon/Fairy type(s) were introduced in Gen 6. (Total is 23.)

The first Rock/Electric, Poison/Fire, Bug/Fairy, Ice/Steel, Dragon/Fighting, Dark/Normal, Normal/Dragon, Fighting/Ghost, Fighting/Ice, Rock/Poison, Ghost/Fairy, Electric/Psychic, and Ice/Fairy type(s) were introduced in Gen 7. (Total is 13.)


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