Unused type combinations

There are 18 elemental types in the Pokémon games, which means a total of 171 unique combinations are possible. However, even with 898 Pokémon in the games now, not all type combinations have yet been used. This page lists all the unused type combos in the game. It's fun to think what Pokémon with these types would look like!

We also list some combinations that have been used, but only for legendary Pokémon or Mega Evolutions. Note that Psychic/Dragon appears in both sections as it has been used by both legendaries and Megas, but not regular Pokémon.

Unused types

Normal Ice Normal Poison Normal Bug Normal Rock Normal Ghost Normal Steel Fire Grass Fire Fairy Electric Fighting Ice Poison Fighting Ground Fighting Fairy Poison Steel Ground Fairy Bug Dragon Bug Dark Rock Ghost

Used by Legendary Pokémon only

Fire Water Fire Steel Ice Dragon Fighting Rock Fighting Ghost Psychic Ghost Psychic Dragon

Used by Mega Evolutions only

Psychic Dragon Dragon Fairy