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Okay, so I was looking at a question on here asking about all the mega evolutions, and one user answered saying there are 28 confirmed and 5 unconfirmed. The 5 unconfirmed are:

-Mega Latios
-Mega Latias
-Mega Galvantula
-Mega Arcanine
-Mega Druddigon

The ones in italics are the ones that I'm most curious about. Is it true that they might get mega evolutions or already have megas? I'm really curious as to whether or not this is true.
(If Druddigon gets a mega evo, I hope they make it look better than it currently does.)

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I honestly doubt it, people just look for attention pretending to know about things that aren't actually going on. Did you see how many fake evolutions of the XY starters were rumored about before the game came out? I would love each of those Mega Evolutions, and I am positive Game Freak will add lots more in the next game (seeing how much they left out in X and Y). Lets just cross our fingers and hope that they will give them all Mega Evolutions.

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I had a multi battle today and I fought against someone with a mega latias. Probably a darn hacker.
mega latias/os is out