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Arcanine is my favourite Pokemon of all time. But I find it impossible to use competitively, even within a niche, which, barring Sunny Day/Morning Sun (which plain sucks in my opinion) I have not found one.

I'm really hoping that it receives a Mega Evolution boost with the release of the Hoenn remakes, if anything just to get those defenses up.

I understand that this could be seen as a subjective query, but if anyone knows of a decent method of using Arcanine as it is now, please let me know.


P.S - I would like to add that I have always, in my fanatic ways, wished for Gamefreak to allow Arcanine to further evolve, let alone mega evolve. Arking shall be its name, and it shall be glorious.
If you're playing by Smogon rules, Arcanine is great in UU.
I play by Smogon rules now and then, but not everybody does.

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With the proper support and item it can definitely be viable. If you have a sticky web user on your team you can slow down your opponent and then add a choice band onto arcanine so it wil pack a hefty punch while out speeding your opponent due to sticky web. You can also use a defensive set with full investment in hp and defense or special defense whichever is more useful for your team with an attack boosting nature for some offenses or a a defense boosting nature for a full defensive set.

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