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On my physical sweeper Arcanine I can't decide. The Fangs have almost perfect acurracy, and ok power, can flinch or status, and have no draw back effects. Wild Charge and Flare Blitz however are much stronger, have perfect accuracy, and Flare Blitz burns.

What are the pros and cons of each pair? I don't like recoil but if I must use it I will.

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Typically, you'll want to go with Flare Blitz and Wild Charge together. There's no point in having a coverage move if it can't knock out anything he's weak against.

On a standard suicune(full defense, no EVs in HP), a Standard Arcanine (Full attack and life Orb) will do 121-142 damage using thunder fang, meaning it would take about 3 hits to bring suicune down.

A Wild Charge in the same situation will do 167-196 damage, about enough to 2HKO a suicune, so it wouldn't be able to safely switch in, especially with rock support.

If you're concerned about how much damage you take from the move and life orb, you could always use morning sun to restore your health. You could also use a choice band over life orb for massive amounts of damage.

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Arcanine is a good Kamikaze, adn is very fast. So knowing that i would suggest Thunderfang>Fire Fang

Flare BLitz>Wild charge

OK so i would say instead of wild charge go thunder fang.
Why: THunder fang has perfect accuracy(Not infinite but still perfect),and goes status and flinching.

Flare Blitz>Firefang
Why: you just got thunder fang. Plus, Arcanine can't realy take a hit so you might as well make him a kamikaze.

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what!? i am deciding between fire fang or Flare blitz and thunder fang or Wild charge!
Oh you only want one move? then i would SUggest thunderfang.COvers water. and flinchng and status good accuracy.
But it reallly depends on what you want.
ARRGH! I am deciding between fire fang and Flare blitz. And thunder fang and Wild charge. So 2 moves a fire and an electric move
Doesn't Thunder fang have only 95% accuracy?
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ok well
is great for some power and you can use it alot same with fire fang abilities dont help and fire fang
same thing

wild charge
well it covers water and can really sweep with a high speed but not really gives enough power
90 damage is great but in this case id say thunderfang good power and paralize and flinch

flare blitz
is better for more power and higher sweeping chance with high power i like it with leftovers or life orb
the power can sweep very well

so really for a fast arcinine flare blitz wild charge plus leftovers
thunderfang firefang for well other bulky ish ones
if you hate recoil thunder fang is great flare blitz is better
so ill give you wild charge flareblitz leftovers or life orb

umm your welcome ":)

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