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I just hatched an Adamant Growlithe with max Iv's in Atk, Sp. Atk and Speed.
With Arcanine's maximum Atk stat being a little higher than it's Sp. Atk but Flamethrower being more powerful than Fire Fang, which would be better, Fire Fang or Flamethrower?

(And for those wondering, Flare Blitz isn't my style!)

You gotta not using Arcanine without Flare Blitz. Or else, try a defensive set with Will-O-Wisp, Sunny Day, Morning Sun and whatever you like, 99% of the time it should be Flare Blitz tho. Morning Sun recovers the damage which Sunny Day powers up. Surprisingly, this Arcanine is great against less offensive Water-type Pokemon and about any Physically-offensive Pokemon in UU. If it's for the game's story, don't use Arcanine. Waste of Fire Stone.

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Flamethrower - Redundant with an Adamant Nature. Powerful, but hindered.

Fire Fang - Weak move. Highly not recommended. Don't use it.

Another option would be just rebreed for a Modest/Timid one and go special or Impish and stally. Just don't use either on that one. I would just go with Flare Blitz.

Hope this helps!

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Fire Fang

Pros :
-10% chance to Flinch
-10% chance to Burn
-Is a physical Move which Arcanine likes

Cons :
-65 BP is a bit shakey
-95% accuracy isn't something to be proud of


Pros :
-Has 10% chance to burn
-Has 100% accuracy
-90 BP is great


-Is a Special Move where Arcanine has a Base of 100 SpA isn't terrible and only 10 away with from its Physical Stats its nature decreases Special Attack by 10%

I'd say go for Flamethrower as it is better than Fire Fang. But unless you give it a generous amount of EVs in SpA Flamethrower isn't going to be impressive. If the rest of ypur Arcanine's moves are physical then pick Fire Fang and just give him Max EVs otherwise you'll have to split SpA and Atk EVs if you go for Flamethrower. But seriously Flare Blitz is the best choice.