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i can't decide between the physical might of Arcanine or the ranged terror of Chandelure
I've currently got Samurott, lucario, sigilyph haxorus and Roserade/whimsicott/ferroseed-in-training

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depends on your team
Chandlure can do devestating damage with STAB Shadow Ball (Tm) And STAB Flamethrower/Fire Blast (Tms), and a base 140-ish sp.atk is just uber. Defenses are a meh and speed... well, it isn't that bad, base 80. DO NOT use phys. moves, 55 base atk is bad. HP should be around 140-160 for the league. It will seriously help support Samurott and kinda help Haxorus with defensive walls.

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So, to determine which would fit you better, lets take a look at both of them...

This sexy dog is much more efficient Physically rather than Special. Getting access to some amazing coverage moves, such as Close Combat, Wild Charge, and Outrage (though Outrage is rarely seen) it can really put a dent in stuff. Oh, and it gets Extremespeed to finish off a weakened and/or faster opponent. Seeing that it gets an Attack boost from Justified is amazing (if an opponent launches a dark type move, that is). Also, Flash Fire can help you if you run the typical Flare Blitz + Life Orb combo to hurt anything that does not resist. Intimidate can help the team out by trolling dem physical pokes when they KO a teammate. That 95 speed stat can be a bummer at times, but is decent to outspeed a lot of things.

This ceiling fan has the godliest SAtk that any non-Uber poke could only wish for. This guy has a lot of potential as a SAtker. Its set vary from a TrickScarf set to make up for the low base 80 speed, or can go with a SubCM set, to set up and wreck stuff with it's 2 STAB moves. Flash Fire is it's only weapon as of now, since Shadow Tag is unreleased. Very deadly but a bit frail.

Now, do realize that both of them are weak to all types of Entry Hazards, so a Spinner is reccomended.

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Oh I agree about that sexy dog only because Chandelure is a lamp with a face scribbled on it.
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I'd say Arcanine, judged upon his moveset, and even and high stats.

Arcanine (Sweeper)
Nature: +Speed -Sp. Defense. (Sorry don't know what that nature is)
Trait: Intimidate
Item: Heat Rock
EVs: 252 Speed, 252 Attack, 4 Sp. Attack
Flare Blitz: Stab, good physical move.
Outrage: Takes care of dragon types, which I see a lot of. Pyhsical move.
Solar Beam: Takes care of all of your weaknesses.
Sunny Day: Increases Flare Blitz power by 50%, also makes Solar Beam instant.

Fire's only weaknesses are Water, Rock, and Ground, and it just happens to be, that grass destroys all of these types. So, you send out, Arcanine. Use Sunny Day. Now Flare Blitz's power is incredibly high and Solar Beam is instant. Outrage is there to deal with dragon types. With your Heat Rock there, your Sunny Day will last longer you'll hopefully be able to take out a good chunk of their team with Arcanine. With his now high Speed stat you'll be able to go before any Politoed, setting up your sunny day, lowering their water attacks, and making Solar Beam instant. Your only problem will be fire types, and I'm pretty sure your outrage will be a 2HKO.

Naive is the nature