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I am deciding on which one I should choose. My team is:
Serperior, Golduck, Excadrill, Electivire, and Dragonite. Which should I choose Chandelure, Conkeldurr, or maybe even something else? Please add movesets. Thanks!

So which should I choose? Remember it could be something else also.

I will but I am not sure what to replace it with.....
Nope serperior is great
But i  think you can replace Golduck with Jellicent i could add a jellicent moveset to my answer if you want?
I think I will keep Golduck. But thanks anyway!
You could replace electivire with elektross that wold be great

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I would choose Chandelure

ability: flame body

item: zoom lens (anything that boosts accuracy)/quick claw (Chandelure needs more speed)


-Inferno: high power, STAB, always burns (hex) , and accuracy boost from item

-Hex: STAB, works with ability and Inferno

-Energy Ball: covers grass weakness, and may lower Special Defence

-Pain Split: No explanation needed/Telekenisis: Inferno will hit and boost hex's power
with telekinesis you do not need zoom lens and can use the quick claw or something else

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I know I'm late but, I wanted to put my opinion out there
Ok thanks!
Inferno realy?
Mine knows Heat wave, Psychic, Toxic, and Shadow Ball. It is working out pretty well but it faints often.
Yes Inferno, it helps with hex and is helped by telekinesis
Inferno isnt very good only 50% accuracy Go with Will-O-Wisp
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I would choose Conkeldurr

Abillity: Guts


  • Stone edge: Covers flying
  • Earthquake: Why not??
  • Drain punch: for healing
  • Payback: Payback covers pshychic

Hope this helps


Ok then! Now it is time to seriously change my Conkeldurr......
Ok i only used lv up and tm moves for this set
I know but my conkeldurr knows only 1 of these moves! Stone edge.
I wish I could make both of you have best answer!  Because they are both good!
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i choose Chandelure because it have more great stats:
Ability:Flame Body

Moves: (Because Chandelure has a high Special Attack so give more special moves)
-Flamethrower (Good Special Move and may burn the foe)
-Shadow Ball (good ghost special move and may reduce the foe's SP.Defense)
-Fire Blast (Massive Power Special Move and may also burn the foe)
-Calm Mind (Raise special attack and special defense to boost your special moves,Raise your special defense and Blast it away!)

i hope this is helpful.

you dont need two fire moves, just saying
Why not?