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Any help with pro/cons on them? I need a solid Fighting type to help defeat Grimsley (Elite Four)


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I used Mienshao is both White & White 2, and it did me good.

I really like Scrafty as well, and I would recommend it in BW in order to help you with Caitlin & Shauntal as well as Grimsley, but it doesn't get moves like Dragon Dance unless you breed. It still gets Crunch & Hi Jump Kick though, and it has really nice defences.

Conkeldurr and Throh are kinda slow, and while they have good bulk, they still need to take hits before doing anything.

As for Sawk, I never really liked it. It's got high attack and good speed, but Mienshao has better speed to utilise, and Regenerator + U-Turn to replenish health if it should miss with Hi-Jump Kick. The thing about Sawk is that it's good to use right off the bat, whereas Mienfoo needs some babying until it can hit hard, and it evolves into a Mienshao really late (Level 50). You can actually catch Mienfoo pretty late in the game, so it's not that much of a problem since they come in at around level ~35.

I still think Mienshao is better though, just because it learns all its useful & powerful moves via level up or via easily obtainable TMs.

Mienshao has the ever useful Fake Out, which (if you're playing White 2) will help you so much against Colress' Magneton/Magnemite, which both have Sturdy. Mienshao can also learn Acrobatics, so it'll also be a good counter against Marshall because your Flying type will have a hard time with its Sawk (Sturdy), so you can switch to Mienshao who can take a Rock hit, use Fake Out and then Acrobatics. It's nice with a Flying Gem or no item at all.

" or no item at all."

If in-game, at least. if there are no item idea, let' take amulet coin. Now, if Acrobatics is in the moveset, so Flying Gem is kinda "mandatory",'cause having no items at all isn't much of an idea, if you know where I want to go ...
Flying Gem is one use, so unless you cycle in caves farming for dust clouds, you'd have used up the one or two Gems you had already when facing Marshall.
Also I wasn't clear, but that was advice for Marshall only. Mienshao should hold something like Expert Belt or even Wide Lens when facing Grimsley.
Ah OK sorry :) :]
It's okay; like I say I wasn't clear on the "no item" suggestion being only for Marshall.
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Personally, I would use Sawk . It's got a good attack and speed, and is fairly easy to raise with all of the Normal Types around on route ten. Not only that, but it has a great movepool, making it great against a lot of different Pokémon. In fact, if you train one hard enough, you can use it against some of Caitlin's Pokémon too. Here's a good moveset:

Ability: Sturdy

Close Combat
Brick Break

Hope this helps!

Thanks guys, really appreciate the help ^_^
The guy who said the move set I would personally remove close combat and put in bulk up bc his attack might be high but think about people u can one shot a when u bulk up x3
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Personally, I choose Throh. It's a great defensive/bulky Pokemon, with decent attack. It can be a great attacker and great wall, it's like using a Defensive and Offenser.

Guts Nature: Impish
Ev's: Attack/Hp/Defense/Sp. Def
Item: Toxic Orb

Moves: Rock Slide/Stone Edge (Flying Coverage)
Protect (To get your toxic orb up and set up your guts.)
Revenge (MASSIVE STAB! Important to have this on your Throh, it can be a pack of punch for real)
Earthquake (Stab)