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I wonder if I should replace throh and capture a mienfoo so I could have a mienshao?which is better?

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Mienshao, having higher stats and a wider movepool than Troh, is an excellent pokemon. If a much, much higher leveled Throh is an alternative, you could choose that one if you lack the patience to train Mienshao. That is your choice. Mienshao does have low HP and Defences, but its speed, attack, and special attack stats add upp to it. This pokemon could OHKO enemies before they can even use their first move.
Note: do not use this pokemon when fighting a fighting weakness (when its attacks are not very effective).

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Mienshao also looks cooler as far as I'm concerned.
And if your opponent is using a priority move
There is no priority move super effective against a fighting type, so unless an opponent uses extremespeed, I would not worry too much.
Mienshao is AMAZING! Thats why I named myself after it. Throh scares me a bit