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Is it?

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Hydregion does rock, best dragon type since dragonair besides legendaries but the legendaries in bw suck if their speed is lower

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No, because Mienshao doesn't have the bulk to set up, so you'll have to go straight forward and sweep.

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Yep. If you want to go for more power, use a Life Orb.
Personally, I prefer no item or a consumable berry so that Mienshao can use Acrobatics.
How about Fight Gem in that case?
Flying Gem. When you use Acrobatics the Flying Gem will be consumed before acrobat checks for if there is any item, thus making this attack UBER strong
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Do not use bulk up on mein shao use a sweeping set with maybe choice band meinshao is packed with power and speed but lacks defence you may lose him if you bulk up and waste a turn

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Choice Items are terrible for Mienshao. Mienshao needs to change moves quickly, also with U-turn