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I want to know what is better for my team. there is no real reson as I am in post game but I want one that might be good for owning the battle subway and stuff
also try to provide move sets,items and good natures(but I really want some good move set suggestions most.)

hydreigon(it will evolve soon(i hate zweilous...))
dragon pulse
dark pulse
fire blast/flame thrower
draco meteror

fire blast
shadow ball
energy ball
will o wisp

focus blast
calm mind
shadow ball

x scissor
iron defence
iron head
swords dance

stone edge
shell smash/curse

i would just like to say that I have the pokemon in this team but are working on getting all the tms for the moves so they can learn them


Zwelous evolved!!!

hydreigion rocks(like my username states

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I have been using Mienshao in-game and it is a great sweeper and has a fantastic ability in Regenerate. Conkeldurr has higher attack but is much, much slower and won't take a SpDef hit like Psychic. Plus you already have 3 slow bulky Pokemon on your team already.

I would go for Mienshao with Hi Jump Kick/Stone Edge/Acrobatics/U-Turn.

Other movesets are here, as you should know:

For the rest of your team, you could consider giving Chandelure Hex instead of Shadow Ball. If you're using Will-O-Wisp then Hex is bp 100 as opposed to SB's 80. For Escavalier maybe try Reversal instead of Iron Defense (its defense is already high enough).

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The rest of your team is kinda lacking in speed so I think mianshao will suit your team better

adamant or jolly nature [i recommend jolly] @ life orb

with regenerator ability

hi-jump kick/drain punch for power or regeneration

U-turn to evade psychic attacks

stone edge for coverage

fake out for free damage /aerial ace to take out bugs/acrobatics if you use berry anything you want.

No,the nature should be adamant because Mienshao has no special attacks 0_0
dude jolly increases speed and decreases special attack.
^ commented a year and a half later (-_-)
now you commented right?
That was because u commented
i know that jolly decreases sp atk lmfao i was a noob when i posted this
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You'll want Conkeldurr, which is stronger of the two, and is also quite bulky. Adamant Nature, 252 Attack, 252 Defense, 4 HP for EVs. Item Life Orb. Moveset of Mach Punch/Drain Punch, Bulk Up, Stone Edge, Payback

Why was this voted down? This is a valid answer because I think Conkeldurr is better than Mienshao. Even if you do not think this, you can't vote this down because it is my opinion.