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They both have high attack and HP as well as good defense. They also have good move pools. Would like to know a second opinion on these two.

I prefer to use Throh, but I'm not sure which is better.
I like Conky more than Throh.

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hmmm..good question there. Conkleduur and Throh are very similar in stat distribution and can play similar roles.
However, let us take a good look at their base stats first :)


HP: 105

Atk: 140

Def: 95

SpAtk: 55

SpDef: 65

Spd: 45


HP: 120

Atk: 100

Def: 85

SpAtk: 30

SpDef: 85

Spd: 45

As you can see, very similar indeed, however there are some stat differences that are quite notable. To start with, Throh has a better HP and better bulk overall and will most likely be surviving longerr then Conkledurr
However, Conkledurr is certainly not frail as it has relative bulk, however it's SpDef is quite disappointing but due to Psyshock appearing more often the Psychic nowadays it might be able to survive a neutral one. What makes them both excellent is their bulk and offensive presence, however Conkledurr will be hitting MUCH harder then Throh as a base 140 Attack stat is nothing to joke about as it is almost equal to Zekrom's attack stat
Despite Throh and Conkledurr being quite equal, there is a reason why they are in different tiers.

  • Conkledurr is a prefered offensive presence and can deal with many OU threats
  • Throh's defensive abilities are certainly not bad, but this become useless in the tier where Conledurr resides
  • Conkledurr has a better movepool then Throh
  • Despite it's bulk, Throh's weaknesses are very common and it will most likely not stay around that long
  • Conkledurr performs better in double battles (utility)

*As you can see Conkledurr has many thinks going for it. However Throh is noted to be the bulkiest fighting type in the whole game barring Arceus-Fighting


You will most likely be finding yourself using Conkledurr over Throh due to it's versality. It is almost as bulky as Throh and it can hit harder then it
However you must take note that they both reside in different tiers, Conkledurr being in the OU tier and Throh in the NU so they are hard to compare as they both do their jobs well in their respective tiers. Despite them being capable of performing the same role, Throh will often serve as a Tank, whiles Conkledurr will often serve as a Trick Room sweeper
However should it ever be so that you were to build a mono-fighting team, I would say that Conkledurr will be proven superior over Throh in that aspect :)

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Personally, I think conk is better. It has a massive base 140 attack (more than Throh) and access to priority, Mach Punch, which makes it arguably the best bulky fighting type. Plus it has healing in Drain Punch which allows it to pull of a Guts set really well.

Conkeldurr also has another amazing ability, Iron Fist to be an alternate ability on a Bulk Up set, giving it's STABs even more power. Plus, Sheer Force, another fantastic ability, allowing it to use a Life Orb with the elemental punches to great effect.

Sorry if this is kinda short, I'm in a hurry typing on my phone, but I hope I helped! :)

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Well this one really had me thinking. I looked at the stats and Throh has some really decent stats.

But after a while of looking I realized that
A) his attack is no where near as good as Conkeldurr's
B) His Total Stat base is 465 compared to Conkeldurr's whopping 505

These two differences can change the Pokemon by quite a bit. The other thing I took into account is Throh's moveset options. While he has some good moves Conkeldurr just does it all better.

Conkeldurr - SubPunch, Banded, Guts Sweeper, Expert Belt, Bulk Up
Throh - Guts Sweeper, Expert Belt, Bulk Up, Banded

Everything Throh has Conkeldurr has and Conkeldurr does it better. So while Throh at first seems to be a powerhouse he actually has a lot of drawbacks that make him mediocre at best. Now for his tier and if used properly he's pretty much invincible.

Stats (because I gabbed about them so much)


So Conkeldurr is just better in everything that Throh can do. That's the sad truth.