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Conkeldurr! >>enter image description hereVS enter image description here << Sawk!


HP 105 320 - 414
Atk 140 256 - 416
Def 95 175 - 317 SP.
SpA 55 103 - 229
SpD 65 121 - 251
Spe 45 85 - 207
Total Overall: 505


HP 75 260 - 354
Atk 125 229 - 383
Def 75 139 - 273 SP.
SpA 30 58 - 174
SpD 75 139 - 273
Spe 85 157 - 295
Total Overall: 465




Most moves that Conk learns are Rock, Ground and Fighting type. It
learns some pretty solid moes for ingame such as Hammer Arm and

Conkeldurr DB Page


Sawk can learn some pretty good STAB's and some of the same moves as
Conkeldurr. It has some nice moves like E-Quake and Stone Edge for
extra coverage ingame.

Sawk DB Page



Conkeldurr can have two very useful abilities ingame, Guts and Sheer
Force. Guts helps a lot because many ingame Pokemon have moves and
abilities to troll.


Sawk has two decent abilities, not as good as Conkeldurr but decent
enough to be utilised. Sturdy is great while training and while up
against higher levelled Pokemon. Inner Focus won't come in that handy
but there are many Pokemon that flinch ingame.



Conkeldurr shows what it takes to be an offensive powerhouse when
Speed isn't your strongest suit. Its base 140 Attack makes it a real
threat to contend with, and with Guts as an ability, burning
Conkeldurr will only lead to more destruction. Those stone slabs
Conkeldurr holds aren't for show either, as Conkeldurr is just as
durable as they are. While base 65 Special Defense may not seem like
much, it's backed by base 105 HP and base 95 Defense. Conkeldurr lacks
Close Combat, but receives two other attacks that many bulky
Fighting-types would beg to have, namely Mach Punch and Drain Punch.
BW2 move tutors have also beefed up its arsenal in the elemental
punches. All in all, Conkeldurr is one of the main reasons every team
should pack a resistance to Fighting-type attacks.



Sawk has always been one of the strongest Pokemon in NU, and the addition of Ice Punch to his movepool has only made him better. Sawk has the privilege of being one of the few fully-evolved Fighting-type Pokemon in the tier, joining Throh and Emboar. Sawk usually holds a Choice item, allowing him to use his base 125 Attack and base 85 Speed to outspeed and hit the majority of the metagame extremely hard with Close Combat. Sawk has the potential to be either a great wallbreaker or revenge killer. Sawk also has two very useful abilities in Mold Breaker and Sturdy because it allows him to either defeat other would be counters, such as Weezing and Misdreavus, or always survive a hit from full health, allowing it to act as an effective check for many offensive threats. Despite the speed and power Sawk packs, he is a very predictable Pokemon and has clear-cut counters, and as a result, can be played around easily.



Conkeldurr: OU
Sawk: NU


Overall Choice:

From my ingame experience, I would suggest Sawk over Conk. Sawk is fast and has the capability to sweep ingame teams with moes such as Earthquake and Close Combat. Conk is pretty slow and will take longer to sweep teams. So if you want a easy game; go for Sawk and if you want a harder game; go for Conkeldurr.

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Conkeldurr obviously.Look at it stats:
enter image description here

HP 105 320 - 414 ATTACK 140 256 - 416 DEFENSE 95 175 - 317 SP.
ATK 55 103 - 229 SP. DEF 65 121 - 251 SPEED 45 85 - 207 TOTAL 505

Look at sawk's:
enter image description here
> HP 75 260 - 354 ATTACK 125 229 - 383 DEFENSE 75 139 - 273 SP.
> ATK 30 58 - 174 SP. DEF 75 139 - 273 SPEED 85 157 - 295 TOTAL 465

Now,you can clearly see that conkeldurr has better stats and also has a better movepool than sawk.So conkeldurr is awesome!

No,sawk can have sturdy and has decent speed and has close combat,with a choice band,it is awesome.
sturdy isnt all about battling.+ conkeldurr can learn mach punch which usually goes first.
With 60 power...
Mach Punch is via breeding, btw.