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My Conkeldurr has the following moves,


I would like to add a new move, but I dont know which one to add. Thanks :)

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There are 3 moves I recommend you replacing Superpower with Conkeldurr, Mach Punch, Bulk Up or Drain Punch.
These for moves are by far much better then Superpower as making it drop in both attack and defense is a true waste of time and energy

Mach Punch

*Mach Punch is one of those reasons why that Conkeldurr is one of the best Pokemon around and outclasses Throh. This Strong STAB move will be doing a lot of damage if you would combine it with Bulk Up. It also makes up for Conkeldurr's ridiculous speed stat and will enable it to hurt or in some cases KO a Pokemon before it can act

Bulk Up

Bulk Up is that move that makes Conkeldurr an absolute monster. Boosted by Guts, Conkeldurr will be dessimating everything that comes it way after just utilizing this move once. Not only does it boost Conkeldurr's Attack, but defense as well. Bulk Up is definitely a move that Conkeldurr should have

Drain Punch

This powerful move usually goes with the 2 moves listed above but it can perfectly be used on your current moveset. It will take a chunk of HP from your opponent, whiles recovering yours. This move should be the best substitute for Superpower :)

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Stone Edge for coverage against Flying types. I would also replace Hammerarm for Drain Punch.

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this is B1, and its lvl 100, im not breeding for 1 move and starting over fyi, but thnx
He can learn it via TM
sorry Kyron, I didn't see your answer :/
i ment drain punch @ watt
I never said it was a must just a suggestion
ok, ok dont need to fight
who was going to fight lol
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Hey raph

Conkeldurr is a really great Pokemon ! It is super powerfull and has an awesome movepull. Your question has so meny awnsers, but I will give you some sugestions:
Stone Edge: Conkeldurr learns Stone Edge natural on lv 49 but you can also give it to him by using the TM. It has great power and covers for its flying-type weakness

Poison Jab: Just a personal favorite. It has a decent power of 80 and has an chance of poisoning the opponent.

Giga Impact: With this move Conkeldurr wrecks everything ! with a power of 150 and Conkeldurr's 140 base attack... you catch my drift.

Ice Punch On the tags you added to your question I saw you dont use Black or White 2, in these games Conkeldurr can learn this move. It is not only strong against flying-types but it will also be usefull in other situations. Maybe you can trade it with someone who has a B/W 2 game who can give it Ice Punch.

Due to Conkeldurr's great movepull you could do so much more but this are the main options I think.

hope I helped you

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you did, thnx!