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I feel like my snorlax is not very good, and my aerodactyl already knows hyper beam. Should I replace him and if so with what? My team is Giratina :Shadow Force, Dragon claw, Aura sphere, Earth powet
Aerodactyl:Hyper beam, bite, wing attack, dragon rage
Snorlax:Hyper beam, headbutt, rest, tackle
Sceptile: Giga Drain, Leaf Blade , Pursuit, Fury Cutter
Blaziken:flmaethrower , peck, blaze kick, double kick
Swampert:Hydro Pump, endheavour, earthquake , protect

What game is this?
This is Pokemon White
It seems as if you've already beaten the game, so what do you want to do with this team?
replace it with something that's not fat
No ofense, but most of the pokemons listed here by you, don't have good movesets, trading snorlax or not, will not make much difference, you need to work on another moves,  for exemple peck for blaziken is not the best choice to have, very weak move, also, don't cover much for the fire type who share many effectiveness, however if you insist in using a flying move on blaziken, the best choice in gen 5 would be Bravebird. The other pokemons are having many flaws in the moves too, you need to rethink about the moves, after that, you see what you can do with snorlax, he can learn many good moves for all his roles, and he can have many, Bruiser, tank beside others.

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I feel Snorlax is a very good Pokemon to have on your team. It's moveset needs quite a bit of work, though.
You're troubled with both Aerodactyl and Snorlax knowing Hyper Beam? Take Hyper Beam away from both of them. If you look at their summaries, you'll see attack is much greater than sp. attack. So replace Aerodactyl's with a move like Rock Slide and Snorlax's with Giga Impact.
Have you noticed how all of your attacking moves are normal type? Meaning Ghost types will get you good. Teach it Crunch for Tackle.
If you can get another Snorlax, try to teach it Zen Headbutt. That counters its weakness of Fighting. Breed a female Snorlax with a male Slowpoke that knows Zen Headbutt (find 'em at the Abundant Shrine while surfing) and get a baby Snorlax knowing Zen Headbutt.
And Rest is good.
Here's the moveset I'll suggest.


Item: Chesto Berry or Leftovers
-Giga Impact
-Zen Headbutt

Why would you suggest giga impact when both body slam and return do more damage per turn?
Giga Impact is the physical counterpart of Hyper Beam. Used to quickly take down pokemon, because Snorlax's speed stat is terrible. So he needs to do as much damage as possible quickly.
Snorlax is bulky enough to take hits and hit back multiple times. If this wasn't the case, then why are you suggesting rest?
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Blaziken is a much better choice because of its high speed and high attack and special attack. Blaziken can easily use powerful moves such as high jump kick and flare blitz.