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My current Noivern set is:

Noivern @ Life Orb
Modest Nature
252 SpA / 252 Spd / 4 HP
-Dragon Pulse
-Air Slash
-Boomburst/Dark Pulse

Here's the problem. Boomburst has no coverage but has Power. Dark Pulse has OK coverage but less power
Which one?

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Neither. Roost/Taunt are better than both of them, as it gains neutral coverage already with three moves. IMO you don't need another coverage move :I
It's a very fast pokemon, so Taunt is actually a decent move on it to prevent sweepers/hazard setters/stallers from setting up. It also prevents a lot of pokemon from functioning at all, crippling them until they switch out.
And no Air Slash is quite obligatory, if anything replaces it it's probably Hurricane. Boomburst covers nothing, and Draco Meteor / Hurricane do more damage and cover things as well.
Another thing that is possible is U-turn.

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Here are the pros and cons.

• Very strong attack to use against anything that resists your STABs.
• If you are using a choice item, it's always safe to use Boomburst since it is your most powerful move and it hits for neutral damage to a lot of Pokemon.
• Only resisted by Steel, Rock, and Ghosts.
• It isn't super effective against anything.

Dark Pulse
• Better type coverage than Boom Burst.
• Nothing is immune to it.
• With Super-Effective damage, it's base power is 160 and is only 20 points more powerful than Boomburst.
• It's inferior to Boomburst in every way unless it gets Super Effective damage.

Overall, I think you should use Boomburst.

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That's what I say and that's what they don't want.
Pokemon with Soundproof also resist Boomburst.
Dude, this generation critical hits do 1.5x damage so you might want to change that.
i dont think he mentioned critical hits
He did, he mentioned that dark pulse has 160 BP on a critical hit but it doesn't I has 120 BP.