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I'm thinking of ditching my Furret because it's really holding me back. I barely use it. It also has the lowest level of all the Pokemon on the team and I don't want to waste time to bring its level all the way up. Here's my team so far:

Bayleef (lv.21)
Mareep (lv.21)
Onix (lv.22)
Togepi (lv.20)
Wooper (lv.20)
Furret (lv.14)

I might take away Togepi later on, I'm not sure yet. I might need Togetic or Togekiss as my "Flier" so I'm kinda hesitant on removing it. But right now, I'm focusing on Furret. We're about to challenge Ecruteak's Gym so I'll need to find a replacement around that area. I was thinking perhaps Growlithe? I also have a Sandshrew at the Day Care that's in the mid-20s, should I use that to replace Furret?

Please: no criticism on the other Pokemon on the team, I just want suggestions on what to do with Furret. If I wanted advice on the team as a whole, I'd ask in the Battle Subway.

You could use your Eevee for whatever you want; Umbreon or Espeon? I don't think you get the stones until later on though.
Where do you find Eevee?
Bill gives you one at his house in Goldenrod, after you've spoken to him in Ecruteak.
Ok, thanks. Why don't you post your advice as an actual answer? If you did, I'd probably BA it.
Toooo lazy.

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Actually I'd keep Furret; there's a TM for Shadow Claw East of Ecruteak, which Furret can learn, so I think it would be a good idea to train up your Furret and give it that move to deal with Morty. He really only has Ghost moves and Sucker Punch, so the only thing you really need to worry about is Curse & Hypnosis/ Dream Eater.

If your Furret's stats are really horrible, then get a Rattata/ Raticate. Raticate can be caught in the burnt tower at a fairly common rate, and it learns Bite & Crunch. Run Away or Guts either is good for in-game purposes.

Good Advice!
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Morty's Pokémon

Gastly Lv. 21
Haunter Lv. 21
Haunter Lv. 23
Gengar Lv. 25

Shiftry@ Leftovers enter image description here

Nature: Adamant


  • Sucker Punch
  • Dig
  • X-Scissor
  • Rock Slide

I chose Shiftry as its Dark typing will destroy the gym leader.

Hope I helped!

You don't get Nuzleaf until Safari Zone, nor do you get Seedot other than in Viridian or in the Safari Zone.
Sucker Punch also needs to be tutored onto Shiftry and you don't get the move tutor until the Frontier Front, where you need 40 BP.
And wouldn't having 2 Grass types in a team be bad?
Also this shouldn't be flagged; it's not inappropriate, just an impractical suggestion.