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I've been told that Skull Bash isn't the best move to know, so what should I replace it with? Mine knows Surf, Hydro Pump, and Earthquake in addition to Skull Bash. I was thinking about having it learn Ice Beam, but I already have a Pokemon in my team that knows that move.

btw, this is in X/Y and in-game

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I'm assuming this is in-game. Even so, it's not very good to have two Water moves, so I suggest you replace one of those as well.
Replace it with what?

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Competitively, take off all moves, even if you're using Mega Blastoise or not. You should be using a Special set either way so EQ and SB would be worthless. If you are using the utility Blastoise, then use Scald|Rapid Spin|Toxic and a filler move. Maybe Ice Beam, Roar, Dragon Tail, and some even use Foresight, but that's wayyyy overrated. Mega Blastoise, however, is a pretty decent offensive Rapid Spinner. Starmie has some advantages, but Blastoise does outclasss it in a few ways. Rapid Spin|Dark Pulseand either Aura Sphere/Dragon Pulse and Scald/Water Pulse.

Ingame: Get rid of SB and EQ, but keep Surf. Hydro Pump should go too. I'm thinking maybe not Mega looking at your moves, but if so, Surf|Dark Pulse|Water Pulse|Dragon Pulse. If not Mega, then Surf|Scald|Ice Beam and either Roar/Dragon Tail.

Blastoise mega

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In game I would probably go with Ice Beam. Aside from that it depends on which game you are talking about, as Blastoise can learn a few different moves in different games.
I doubt this is competitive, because most of those moves need changing if it is. But if you are talking about competitive, then Rapid Spin is a good move.

Yes, it's ingame. The game is X/Y, I'll retag my question, sorry about that.