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Since this is Gen 3 the Special /Physical Split wasn't introduced yet. I don't know if Skull Bash is Specal or Physical and Blastoise has a good Sp.Attack.

I'm Battling the Elite 4 on FireRed and My Blastoise went to level 55.
His Moveset is :


If Skull Bash is a good move and fits to this moveset, tell me which move should it forget.

Thank you.

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Since Skull Bash was a Special Move in Gen 3, it would be a great move for it. In game at least. It raises your Defence as a good bonus, and hits very hard overall.

So, I would remove Withdraw and put Skull Bash in.

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Oh poop.I removed Bite for Skull Bash.Thanks anyway Flare ;)
You're welcome :]
No, skull bash is physical attack, since all normal types were physical in gen 1-3
Its was actually always physical attack through gen 1-5