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It's moves right now are: Surf, Earthquake, Ice Beam, and Brick Brake.

Did you end up teaching it Skull Bash?
Yes because skull bash not only does damage but also increases your defense, so you can get extremely tanky and do damage in the same move.
Raising physical defense is useless if the opponent uses special attacks or if the Blastoise switches out.

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Because skull bash needs 2 turns to deal damage


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Thanks but, I think I'm gonna keep brick break.
yeah brick break is fine
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Well it depends

It upgrades your defense by one stage on the first turn, then it attacks, It charges, and you can get more damage with any of your moves in 2 turns then it could, so In my Opinion No, but if you have to get it, get rid of Brick Brake

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It is a good move but it does take 2 turns to use. It makes your defense go up by one stage also. So you might want to get it but you will be fine without it also. Either way it would be fine. If you got it I would get rid of brick break.

If you want to find out more about Skull Bash: Click this

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