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What are you going to use a Blastoise or Inteleon for? Be clear this time.
If you are playing in online battles, can you tell us what kind of online battles you are playing? (For a start: singles or doubles?)
You'll be asked for this information every time you ask a question like this, so you may want to include it (plus any other relevant context) in your description in the future.
It’s tagged in game team
The last time the same person said they were playing against trainers, they also said they were playing online. I feel like we should be doubly sure.

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Let's compare...

Blastoise's Pros

  • Bulky
  • Has a Gigantamax which looks cool
  • Has meh Special Attack
  • It's ability is Rain Dish. Pair it up with a Politoed, I guess.
  • Takes neutral damage from Stealth Rock, (I'm gonna use this every time)
  • Gets Ice Beam and Shell Smash to make it a bit more offensive.

Blastoise's Cons

  • I said it has a meh attack, right? That's one disadvantage unless you're running a defensive set. If not, then...

Inteleon's Pros

  • Has amazing Speed and Special Attack
  • Gets access to amazing coverage like Air Slash, Ice Beam, and Blizzard.
  • Has an amazing ability plus Snipe Shot.
  • Doesn't have a stealth rock weakness

Inteleon's Cons

  • It's not so bulky...
  • Hit by a Solar Beam, and the water agent goes flying!

So, overall, I pick Inteleon if you want to sweep. Blastoise if you want to tank some hits.

Blastoise @ anything

  • Ice Beam
  • Scald
  • Protect
  • (optional)

Inteleon @Mystic Water/anything

  • Snipe Shot
  • Ice Beam
  • Protect
  • Dark Pulse

Hope this helped.

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??? Most of the calcs you posted are from mons that dont exist in gen 8. Plus, the tag says in game, meaning no evs, no natures, etc. Leftovers is also really bad on inteleon, as is WP. Plus, your calc that display inteleons "amazing" stats show it not ohkoing frail mons with super effective moves.
Thank you i will go for inteleon
Sorry, I didn't know. I'll quickly edit it...
Its better. Taking neutral from rocks isnt amazing,  and also basically no one uses rocks in game. WP and lefties are still questionable on inteleon but its not bad.
Intelion doesn't have the best defence so i dunno if weakness policy is any good for it and leftovers too cause one super effective and its gone, so I’d go for mystic water