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I know they all have advantages but I can not decide which I want. Please don't include abilities in your answer (example: don't claim Greninja is the best because of Protean) If you would like to include a set (excluding abilities) I will definitely try it.

I'm pretty sure ingame team advice is not allowed, but it really depends on which moderator is most active at the moment.
Ingame team advice is, rating/completing ingame teams is not. There have been many posts about topics like this.
This post is fine. It can be answered objectively and can be considered independent of the team involved (which is where the issue lies with most in-game questions, as mentioned above).

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All three Pokemon are very good, so let's look at every one of them.

Greninja is available as the starter Pokemon, so you're gonna have no problem getting it. It has decent Attack and Special Attack stats with a nice Speed stat. Its Water/Dark typing is only doing Greninja favours, especially since the extra Dark-typing is not weak to any of the Gym Leaders except Valerie. It has access to a movepool diverse in types via TMs and its moveset is pretty decent as well. Has 5 weaknesses, 6 resistances and an immunity.

Blastoise is available fairly early in Lumiose, which is also highly convenient. While Blastoise appears more bulky, its access to Mega Evolution(!!!) turns him into a beast, especially in Special Attack. Its movepool is less diverse than that of Greninja's. You should use Blastoise if you a) want a bulkier Pokemon on your team or b) want a Mega Evolution. Has 2 weaknesses and 4 resistances.

Poliwrath is first available at Route 14, which is the route you go on before your fifth Gym Badge, so Poliwag isn't obtainable early on. However, if you are able to trade a Poliwag into your game early on, it might be worth your while: although Poliwrath doesn't have access to that many types, it can learn some very valuable moves early on such as Hypnosis, Body Slam and DoubleSlap. Poliwhirl and Poliwrath also have access to a few valuable Fighting-type moves in the Level 30s. Water Absorb is also a great ability compared to the Torrent ability. Furthermore, you can evolve Poliwhirl any time you want past Level 25 assuming you have a Water Stone with you. It has fairly well-rounded stats except for its Special Attack and Speed; the Special Attack can be fairly detrimental since most Water-type moves are Special. Has 5 weaknesses and 7 resistances.

I believe that Poliwrath is the best option among this selection, if you are willing to trade one into your game early on. But if you're not into that, I would choose Blastoise. And if you're not a fan of Mega Evolution and/or you prefer offense over defense (which people tend to do when creating in-game teams), Greninja is the Pokemon to use. Of course, don't rule out looking out for other Water-type alternatives, since there are plenty available in the Kalos region!

Hope I helped. :)
Source: The wonderful database of Serebii

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"can even resist Valerie" Dark is weak to fairy
I can never remember which types Fairy is weak and resistant to. Types these days.
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I am a Greninja user and have tried the other two.
So for sheer fun to play with and brute force, I'd say Greninja. Blastoise isn't very strong unless Mega'ed and Poliwrath is, well, dull, as well as useless until fully evolved and with TMs. Ninja has a wide move pool so you can take down entire Gyms with it. It's fast and powerful. Try Gyarados too.
If you take Ninja, I suggest you take Charizard as well. They complement each other. I've included move sets too.

Greninja - Surf, Ice Beam, Dark Pulse, Extrasensory.
Greninja (Physical) - U Turn, Waterfall, Acrobatics, Night Slash.
Poliwrath - Waterfall, Brick Break, Earthquake, Poison Jab
Blastoise - Surf, Water Pulse, Dark Pulse, Earthquake
Gyarados - Earthquake, Crunch, Waterfall, Ice Fang

I didn't want Gyarados, I have a planned flying type and I don't like using the same type twice