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So, I've been playing Pokemon Y for a while now. I'm now at the part where I can learn Hydro Cannon for Greninja if I so choose. Right now, I have a Hardy Torrent Greninja with Hydro Pump, Waterfall, Acrobatics, and Return. I'm wondering whether I should replace Hydro Pump with Hydro Cannon for higher OHKO potential. I know it has a recoil turn, but if you KO a Pokemon with it you can simply switch out. And Hydro Pump's BP has been reduced to 110. So what should I do?

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Using surf twice does more than using hydro cannon once. Also, surf misses less.
Hydro Cannon, Hyper Beam, etc. are generally not very reliable, unless it's a Slaking using Giga Impact. Now that's strategy

You would probably be better off with Hydro Pump, Surf, or even Scald, for in-game.
I get what you guys are saying, but I have a Rain Dance Heliolisk witb Dry Skin(basically 337.5 power water move). If I didn't I would even consider using Hydro Cannon. Please note that this is an in-game question. Not for competitive. And well, Hydro Cannon is a move to be used as an OHKO type of move. For anything else I use my other moves. But I just found out my starter Greninja has 0 IVs in Special Attack T_T anyone have Froakie in their Friend Safari?

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Your better to stick with Hydro Pump or another STAB move for Pokemon to counter Pokemon with sturdy. Overall scald is the best STAB move for greninja in competitive play, for in-game play surf is useful and effective. If you greninja is short on power theres plenty of ways to improve it, look on the moveset section of Pokebase

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