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The way I see it, because of Protean, Greninja doesn't really need water or dark moves to provide STAB damage, because all his moves are guaranteed STABs.
Is there a legitimate build that does not include water and dark type moves?
If so, what would it be?
I'm eyeballing a special attacking set including Mat Block. Please help or correct me if my idea is invalid.

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No it isn't.

Greninja gains STAB from all moves so it's not necessary for greninja to have a water/dark move. There are viable sets without them, but just say that you want to got greninja after switching into a fire type move (not recommended as greninja is very frail) you won't be able to hit them without a water type move. But Dark move can be skipped as switching into a psychic hit keeps it immune and you can just STAB U-Turn it (works well only on physical greninja due to special greninja most likely will not be able to KO a psychic type at full HP)

So the best set if you want to include mat block on special greninja would be to include dark pulse and hydro pump/scald/surf. And greninja works well without a dark move when used physical as shadow sneak is a good option instead so that you can evade a fighting move or potential high jump kick.

Hope I'm clear :)

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Yes, thank you. I think I'll carve out a slot for matblock where dark pulse was.

Ability- Protean
Ev set- 252 special attack, 252 speed, 6 hp
Item- expert belt
~Matblock, fighting, status
~scald, water, 80/100, special attack
~icebeam, ice, 90/100, special attack
~extrasensory, psychic, 80/100, special
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Let's say you're in this situation;
Greninja used Dark pulse, so he turned in to a Dark type
Venusaur used Giga Drain - restored health

So it's worth getting it, to not get hit by super effective attacks.

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This situation would work with any move beside Ground, Rock, or Water so this doesn't apply to just Dark type moves....