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A lot of people have one, and I want to get one myself.

I actually got a Protean Frogadier with Pokerus through the GTS, so i can breed you a Froakie if you want, but i won't get my replacement 3DS until tomorrow (maybe). :c
On Pokemon Y and Pokemon Omega Ruby I have a protean Greninja, I expected them to have Torrent.

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The easiest and only way on you own is to get a protean frogadier in the friend safari post-e4, but many people breed them, so you could always trade quite easily. Hope I helped!

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If you choose froakie as a starter, evolve it into Greninja. Then just breed until you get the ability you like. Again, as tazzie said protean seems to more popular than torrent so your bound to find one on GTS. It's worth getting that ability and all you need us a spot of breeding, trading and patience and you'll get what you're after!

Hope this answered extra enquiries!