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If you want a hidden ability Jolteon, unless you can get it in friend safari which I am probably sure you can't, how are you supposed to get it?

I mean, you evolve Eevee, and how do you know what ability it has? Does Eevee have to have it's hidden ability?


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Well let's see. There are three ways to get a Hidden Ability Eevee but firstly it's HA is Anticipation. Secondly you can get a Eevee in the Friend Safari which means you can gets its HA from there. The other two ways are breeding a Eeveelution that has its HA (refer to the Pokedex pages to see what they are) and getting one from trade. Also a Pokemon must have it's Hidden Ability (Anticipation in this case) to get it's evolved form to have a Hidden Ability (Quick Feet in this case).

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I checked Bulbapedia and it didn't lost Eevee as a horde pokemon. Though that was the only source I checked at the time so  it could've been wrong. And welcome WaterNinja :)!
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If you have an Eevee with a hidden ability and evolve it into Jolteon it will have the hidden ability as well.

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