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Should I evolve my Eevee into Jolteon or Vaporeon in Red?

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I am playing Pokemon Red and I need to know if I should evolve my Eevee that I got a Celadon City (Lvl 25) into Jolteon or Vaporeon.
My current team is Machop, Arbok, Pidgeotto, Eevee, Nidoking, and Charmeleon. Also I beat the firs 4 gyms if that has anything to do with anything.

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Vaporeon is a nice wall staller but jolteon will get you that kick youd need for more attacks. Id personaly go with the low unfavourite flareon :)
I love Flareon, but I already have Charmeleon so I decided it would be unnecessary to have another Fire type

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Heres my opinion:-

Go for Jolteon its much more powerful than vaporeon in terms of battle. Although vaporeon could be used for surf still and ice beam its still not as tough as jolteon, back to basics right it just isnt in terms if a fair fight. water vs electriclol.

Since Pokemon Red is limited to wi-fi battling I mean limited because we could still effectively play friends on a "nearby" console its still limited its quite difficult to evolve some monsters such as machop into machamp later because machoke requires wifi or infrared trade such as 1-1 peoples.

Try on Pokemon red this:- its basic and really easy to use whatever you do with your Pokemon

Vaporeon @ Chesto Berry
Modest (raises special)
Surf - hm or hydro pump lv 54
Ice beam - tm
Rest - tm
Acid Armor - lv 42

Jolteon @ rawst berry (encase of fire burning) lowered attack. Or use quick claw
Double kick lv 42
Pin missile lv 48 probably not the best but it sorts out grass and dragon type Pokemon. Or could try quick attack for a sneaky finish off or first attack
Thunder tm or lv 54

Depends on how you want to build it, strength special or between. If its just campaign run then enjoy it doesnt matter really..

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I'm pretty sure that the berries didn't exist in gen 1...
They didn't, and neither did natures