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I am at the point with the Eevee, and I am having trouble with water types. I was going to choose Vaporeon to have a bulky water absorber, but I found out I need a Pokemon to attack them, and Jolteon seemed good (didn't want to trade) but I have a Mew that may learn grass or electric type moves. So, which one? If Jolteon, then what bulky Pokemon is there that I can use? And if Vaporeon, what grass type may pair with it?

EDIT: I am playing SoulSilver and my team is(currently):

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What game are you playing and what's the rest of your team?
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Hmm both Eeveelutions would fit quite well with your team...

As your current team stands, I would go for Vaporeon and make it an HM slave. You need something that can learn Whirlpool, Surf and Waterfall, and I don't think you want Mew to be stuck with HM moves.

As for a water counter, I would get a grass type like Tangrowth or Vileplume, and just Sunny Day Solarbeam everything (with Chlorophyll of course).

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Yeah, vaporeon. He is really useful (he can learn surf) and has a lot of HP.
But Waterfall is a physical move unless you mean not for battleing
I said HM slave, meaning that Vaporeon's moves would be used to get you through parts of the game rather than actually battling most of the time.
Surf and Aurora Beam are enough for Vaporeon in battle, really.
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Choose both! Catch a ditto on route 34 and breed an eevee with it!

Moveset for Jolteon at level 20: thunder shock, quick attack, double kick, sand attack.
Moveset for Vaporeon at level 20: water gun, growl, sand attack, tackle.
By the time they are level 30 to 35, they will know much better moves than this.

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