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I want to know if I should use Vaporeon or poliwrath for my leaf green play through. I’ve never used either in a play through and wondering which would be better in leaf green

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I think Vaporeon is probably better because its special attack is higher than both of Poliwrath's attack stats.
I think Vaporeon because it has a lot of HP and you are going to bust through those Pokémon that way.

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High HP
Can be used as a support, cleric, and special attacker
Can tank special attacks
Higher base stat total
Is better offensively

It will almost never hit first
HP isn’t the same as defense, and it’s defense is mediocre at best
It can’t hit special tanks, making its role much more of a cleric/support, which is not ideal for in-game

Stats are balanced
Can hit with both special and physical moves
Faster than Vaporeon

None of its stats shine
Water/Fighting is weak to 4 types in Leafgreen, more than Vaporeon
It will not hit as hard as Vaporeon would specially using physical or special moves
There is a very small move pool of moves it can learn by leveling up (the same could be said for Vaporeon though)

In conclusion, I would use Vaporeon for its bulkiness and great special attack stat. If you are looking for something more balanced, maybe go with Poliwrath. I still think Vaporeon is better though.

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life orb doesn't exist in gen 3
Also thunder punch is special in Gen 3.
Dang it. Old gens. I’ll just erase that line....
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