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This is for Platinum, btw. I just got my Eevee from Hearthome City, and I wanna use a Vaporeon on my team, because I really need a water type Pokemon. At what level should I use a Water Stone on it? Thanks!


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Vaporeon doesn't have a stellar level-up movepool, and it's not that different from Eevee's, so it's not vitally important that you evolve Eevee at any particular level. The absolute maximum, I would say, is level 36 when Vaporeon learns Aurora Beam. I forget what level the Eevee you get in Platinum is, but if it's below level 15, evolve it so that it learns Water Gun (although you should be getting Surf soon anyways so it's not that big a deal).

TL;DR the sooner the better, although it's not a bad thing if you wait a while. Definitely evolve Eevee before level 36 so that it learns Aurora Beam.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you! I appreciate it! :)
Why not just evolve your Eevee into Vaporeon immediately after you catch it or immediately after you hatch it from an egg.
That's what I said, the sooner the better. You just don't miss out on any cool moves if you don't evolve right away.

And you're welcome :)
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You should use your Water Stone when you are sure that you got all the right moves for Vaporeon when it evolves from Eevee. When Eevee evolves into Vaporeon, it may leave some moves out that you are unable to learn. This is called Pre-Evolution moves. Some Pre-Evolution moves of Eevee include: Take Down, Baton Pass, Trump Card, and Growl. When your Eevee evolves, it is unable to learn these moves anymore.

So, if you do not want any of these moves to be included to your Vaporeon via level up, I suggest you use the Water Stone right now because Vaporeon is a strong Pokemon to use in battle rather than Eevee.

If you evolve Vaporeon and leave some moves out at a lower level, you can remember it via heart scale at the Move Maniac at Pastoria City.