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I really want a jolteon, but high level. I only have 5 badges. Can I get one now or do I have to wait til I beat the game or something? Is there a way to get one into my pokedex via battle so I can look to trade it?


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You can get eevee in castelia park.It has a 5% chance of appearing.You can get a thunderstone in nimbassa city. You have to enter the sewers.You might see some stairs when you enter.Enter the starirs and castelia park is right in front of you.Thundertsone is behind the Pokemon center.Use the dowsing machine.

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Hey, I just wanted to let anyone know that if you're annoyed by how long it takes to get an Eevee from Castelia by walking/running around in the grass for minutes on end, I thought of an idea (and tested it) to make it appear nearly instantly. Firstly, I buy some repels. (1 or 2 is enough) Secondly, since usually an Eevees' level is 18-19, I get a Pokemon level 18-19, also, to be the first in my party. Then, I use the repel and walk/run around in the grass until it appears. A little fact, though, in case you're a bit skeptical: Eevee is the only Pokemon in that area that is level 18-19 that you will run into without having to walk into rustling grass. I did this and in the next 5 minutes, I had already run into 4 Eevees. If you don't believe me, just test it out and you'll see. :3
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suh-hyun-bin is a level 18 magby enough?
Yeah, it is.