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I have a female exploud with the hidden ability scrappy and I try to breed one with the same ability with the modest nature.

First I tried to breed it with a male wismur which was holding an everstone and after a full box I only got wismurs with the abilities sound proof and rattled. Then I tried it with a ditto and got the same result. After that I trained a whismur until it was a exploud and tried to breed it with the female exploud that has scrappy and got the same result.

Now I got almost 4 boxes full of wismurs with the abilities soundproof and rattled.
Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong.


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you aren't doing anything wrong

whismurs hidden ability is rattled you see. but if you evolve it to exploud, then it becomes scrappy. so take one of your rattled whismurs, evolve it and you will see.

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wow...this is a little bit awkward. I litterly wasted hours with breeding.
Thank you for taking your time for awnsering my question.
lawl xD, ye something similar happened to me once. i thought you could get a pokemon With HA even if the parents didnt had HA, so i breed like two boxes of sap sipper goomys
I kept breeding gligars with immunity and released them because they weren't poison heal :P