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I have a male Shuckle with hidden ability and a female Weedle. If I breed them, will the baby Weedle come with its hidden ability?

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Simple answer: No.

The female must be the one to have the hidden ability if it is to pass it down.
Male Pokemon can only pass hidden abilities down if they are bred with a Ditto.
Also, you cannot pass hidden abilities to different species.

Source: Experience.

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Although your answer is correct, you have the wrong information. As of Gen 6 you can breed with Ditto to get the HA (so long as the parent has it) and males/genderless pokemon can pass down their hidden ability as long as their being bred with a pokemon of the same species Ditto.
They weren't talking about a Ditto. They were talking about a Shuckle and a Weedle.
Ik though you were stating that it was only possible for the females to pass down the HA. It's best to state all info in your answer so to speak. That includes the right way to pass down abilities :P
Is there way to get Weedle with its hidden abilities by breeding