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Most of you know that to get a hidden ability you have to catch the Pokemon in the horde with the ability or in the friend safari. I checked bulbapedia and there is no way to get a horde encounter with a group of Qwilfish or in the friend safari. it is impossible to get it a hidden ability in a wild Pokemon to my understanding so how can someone get a Qwilfish with the hidden ability?

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For a HA qwilish you will need to transfer from older version.


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Man that sucks I dont have my white 2 or white, I hope they can make hidden abilities available or make something like that sparkling sea again :(
Don't worry, just go on GTS.  Offer a good Pokemon (I just do HA Fletchling) and ask for a Quilfish.  In the description put "HA plz" or something like that.
Or go on chat and ask people :)
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I know this is old, but you can also now use the virtual player versions of GSC which defaults to the hidden ability when transferred.