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After recently deciding I want to use a Girafarig in a competitive team, I wanted to get a dream world Girafarig. Only problem being, you need 7,500 dream points according to Bubapedia to find Girafrig with its hidden ability Sap Sipper.

A few days ago, I asked a friend of mine if he could get me a dream world Girafarig and he did. Only, I think it might be hacked cause it says, met at Dreamyard rather than Entree Link. I want to breed it for the right nature and I've got 31 Girafarigs and not a single one has Sap sipper. THE DREAMWORLD GIRAFARIG IS FEMALE.

Is there a reason I cant get sap sipper? I'm breeding it with a male Girafarig.


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Well there is only a certain chance to get a Hidden ability. It will sometimes get the Hidden ability, and sometimes get the normal one. Just breed more until you get one Ok?

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Who hacks a Girafarig? Anyway:

i. I don't know if Entree Forest is the meeting place for Dream World Pokemon, so maybe check against a Dream World Pokemon of your own.

ii. in BW, the chances of passing down a hidden ability from a fem. parent is 60%; in B2W2, it is 80%. It is still not 100% sure that the offspring has the hidden ability.

iii. if you've bred the Pokemon with a Ditto, it will not result in hidden ability in the offspring, even if the Pokemon is female and has its hidden ability.

If the Pokemon isn't hacked, the Pokemon you've bred with isn't a Ditto, then you've just been unlucky.

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I forgot the part about Ditto -_-
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I do believe your problem is that the DW Girafarig is Female.

EDIT: Sorry, I'm wrong. You are just extremely unlucky.

Your friend probably misunderstood what Dream World meant and went to the Dreamyard and hacked for one. Sorry, that's not a DW Griafarig, if that's the case. Also, check to see if the Girafarig you already have has Sap Sipper.

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