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I just thought about it. It said it is female in bulbapedia here: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pleasant_Forest_(Dream_World_area)

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all eggs hatch into whatever pokeball the mother is in. except I believe with ditto as the mother it will always be a standard pokeball. Nidoran♀ was in the dream world, I remember it took me forever to finally catch one so I could breed my sheer force nidoking.

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This is factually incorrect. Breeding a Miltank and Tauros can result in either one of the two, same case with Volbeat and Illumise
the fact that some mothers produce offspring that can be different pokemon doesn't change the fact that only non-ditto mothers pass on their pokeballs
My point is that you said that only the mother species can hatch from the egg