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I have a strategy for finding Pokemon with hidden abilities in my friend safari. I have a Gardevoir with the ability Trace, which means I can copy the opponent's ability. I use my Gardevoir to check the wild Pokemon's ability, and if it has the ability I prefer (typically hidden abilities), then I will capture it. Nature doesn't matter because I can breed them.

Anyway I've been trying to capture a Crawdaunt with adaptability for almost 45 minutes now, and it's been REALLY frustrating seeing 'shell armour' and 'hyper cutter' all the flipping time. Not only that, but the other Pokemon in this safari (Nuzleaf) haven't been showing up with pickpocket either. Just the standard abilities for these Pokemon.

Why is this happening?! I'm planning to train a powerful adamant Crawdaunt with knock off, aqua jet, waterfall, and superpower. Maybe have it choice banded. But I guess that's not gonna happen until this is fixed :(

I'm not sure if this is a contributor, but the friend who gave me this friend safari was never online at the same time as me (we were friends before I started playing Pokemon Y) so there are only 2 Pokemon instead of 3, and the player icon only shows a question mark instead of a proper avatar. Does that mean we have to be online at the same time before I can get hidden abilities?

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Actually, don't listen to Sempiternus. He's skeptical. xD
Or maybe I'm skeptical?? o.O Whatever, answer the question. :P

>Pokémon with Hidden Abilities only appear when the friend is online while the player is exploring their corresponding Safari. Some Hidden Abilities are highly prized among competitive players. - Source 4

It seems that Hidden Abilities for Pokemon may actually be unavailable if you have not unlocked the third slot of the Friend Safari (or maybe you do have the third slot, but instead you'd have both beaten the E4 and be online at the same time. Either way, the first scenario applies to you)

Once both of you are online, it's still won't be a 100% chance that a Hidden Ability Pokemon will be there. So don't start swearing. :P

Hope I helped. :)
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(If that ain't enough sources for you, I could probably find more :P)

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