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Gender: Male. You have been wronged, all legendaries have genders
Country: Deep under the ocean. I will come up and eat that feebas that took you hours to find
Favorite Pokémon: Kyogre
Friend Codes: I’ll tell you only if you want to battle or trade.
If you have a friend safari with Quilladin, please tell me. Chespin was my first pokemon and chesnaught it one of my favorites, and I really want a shiny. I hatched 1000 eggs with masuda and shiny charm for one and didn’t get it.
Glazio Kawaii:Nice
MegaCharizardY:I hope she can come back to the site.........
Mega blade X:Nice, and congrats on being an expert!
A typical glance:Nice
Hawk Marron:Nice
Jason the sly nicivee:Nice
Lyle Goliath:R.I.P bro
TheMagnezone:He traded me shiny duraladon and coalossal for my Melmetal and meltan. Nice guy!
Rayquaza2753:nice except for he stops my fights with groudon
Sm 4eveeeeer:Zunat
Sorry I can’t really give many other descriptions other then “Nice” XD
Human beings that are my sister:
SnivlertheSnivy:she is stoopid
About me: (Am I supposed to talk about myself? I would much rather brag about my shinies)
Well, I like Pokémon, obviously
I also want pizza...........
I love battling others more than anything but I do like hunting for shiny Pokémon and HA Pokémon (and shiny HA Pokémon) I have to many shinies to list.
Do not forget that my primal Kyogre will sweep your team, and that he is way, way better than groudon and rayquaza.
My weaknesses: grass, electric, stupidity, and huggles
I have a showdown account now and I will tell you my name if you want to battle  I will trade or battle in USUM because that is the game where my good stuff is.
Oh cool I have 1700 points
Apparently my username stands for paleo ring immense malaware aching lesser khaki yak oak grapple ransom escape (don’t ask, I don’t know either)
I beat Cynthia, the champion that is supposedly incredibly powerful, second try with a team of Pokémon mostly in their early 50s. The others are mid-late 40s
I beat Whitney with my crocanaw spamming the move rage
Favorite and least favorite pokemon by type(I will only include the same Pokemon once)
Water:Primal Kyogre
Fire:Mega charizard Y
Poison:Nidoking and Roserade
Flying:Gyarados and Braviary
Fairy:Tapu Bulu
Rock:Lycanroc and Rampardos
Steel:Corviknight and Zamazenta
Bug:Centiscorch and Whirlipede
Dragon:Mega charizard X
Least favorite:
Fire:Primal Groudon
Ghost:Marshadow and polteageist
Ice:Sneasel and weavile
Dark:Morpeko and Incineroar
Fairy:Xerneas and primarina
Electric:Rotom and Toxel
Dragon:Mega Rayquaza
Favorite move by type:
Water:Origin Pulse
Grass:Spikey Shield
Fire:Heat Wave
Fighting:Hammer Arm
Ghost:Sinister Arrow Raid
Ice:Ice Beam
Dark:Foul Play
Flying:Oblivion Wing
Fairy:Light of Ruin
Rock:Splintered Stormshards
Steel:Behemoth Bash
Bug:Tail Glow
Electric:Bolt Strike
Dragon:Dragon Rage
Thank you Glazio Kawaii for adopting my wall ant

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The Glazio News
I beat the Ghost-type trial! Yay! Gladie and Silver helped out a lot because I switched between them a few times to lower Mimikyu's attack with their Imtimidate. Woo-hoo, the ol' Intimidate switch! I eventually got through the battle. But when I go to Aether House, that little girl's Yungoos is revealed to have been stolened! So I gotta rescue it. But I can do that later! Oh, and one of my Silvally reached level 100. Yaaaaaay! Now onto Sol and Luna. Pyxis is startled and asks Ilima if he's one of the trial captains. Pika forgot what a trial captain was because she smol brain. So Rotom says that they're in charge of trials. Except for the Poni Island trial, but that's not being spoiled in Sol and Luna yet. Leamhead Lima Lime Bean confirms this and asks if Pika, Hau, and Flare are trial-goers. Flare says yes. Then he remarks that he Flare and Pika must be new, and Pika says that they came to Alola from Kanto a few days ago. Lima Bean says that he saw Pika's battle a minute ago and that it was fancy. Well, technically he said 'quite spectacular', but no frocks are given here. This is not a frock-given place. And Aloha-Landia is also the place of no frocks given. Now someone please inform me what I'm talking about. Anyway, Pika goes whee in brain because she fancy on batteeee-eeell no. 2 and Pyxie Butt is ree and Pika shrugs off ree and goes yay because she did a fancy like a purple grape master. See ya in the epic Gla-Gla whees machines! AKA see ya!
3 hours ago by Glazio Kawaii
So does me! But i like Rillaboom more
23 hours ago by UncleEdison (0_0)
The Glazio News
Epic whee in my party of three screes! I caught myself a male Absol whom I named Glazio, after Gladion Glazio and not the me Glazio! My team is complete! Well, Gladie still needs to evolve, but other than that, complete! So, in my new fanfic with Gladion goin' to a school and whatnot, the midday Lycanroc bites Gladion's arm really hard and tears up the sleeve and stuff! And when he tries to get Silvally's Poke Ball, the Rockruff attack his other arm! Luckily, the midnight Lycanroc gets them to stop. So then Gladion runs away because the midday Lycanroc clearly wants him to leave. And he's late for school. Blood's spilling out of his right arm like there's no tomorrow as he runs. He finds the school and his sister, Lillie, who is waiting outside. She got there by riding a car with their mother. Why didn't Gladion do the same? Because their mom is embarrassing as frick. She loves to tell random people the story of how Gladion randomly walked into the living room with only his underwear on once. He'd taken off the rest of his clothes in his sleep somehow and now it's an Aether family moment for the ages. Whooptie-frick, eh, Gla-Gla? Lillie asks Gladion what happened to him, since he's bleeding his face off. Well, his arms are bleeding, not his face, but you get the point. He says it's fine, but then gets dizzy. He tries to stay conscious, as he knows that if he faints, it'll slip to the bullies of the school and they'll bully him more. And someone named Mariposa would be disgusted for some odd reason...?He tries very hard, but sadly faints. That's chapter one, so on to chapter two! He wakes up in the school infirmary or whatever, and apparently a Nurse Joy works there. She has a bratty kid who tried to hit Gladion with a book because he bumped into her, so he hit her with it and she cried to her mom that Gladion was being mean and lied that he called her names because she had been hitten with a little kiddie book. Wow. Anyway, the Nurse Joy asks how he feels, and he says that he's a little dizzy and dazed, but other than that he's fine. She asks if he could explain how he got injured, and he tells her the whole story. She's curious about the odd girl he described, so he describes her appearance. He says that she didn't tell him her name. In fact, she didn't speak at all. Nurse Joy therorizes that she could be deaf, since she didn't reply to him asking her name. Spoiler alert, she's not deaf. Nurse Joy tells him that he's free to go to class and stuff since his wounds have been bandaged and he's fine. Yay. That's it for now, see ya!
1 day ago by Glazio Kawaii
It's really annoying, right?
1 day ago by Mega-Blade X
and i dunno how :(
1 day ago by UncleEdison (0_0)
1 day ago by UncleEdison (0_0)
sorry, but i can copy the photo url :(
1 day ago by UncleEdison (0_0)
I finished mega relicanth! I was ready to post it to youtube until i finshed mega zeraora
1 day ago by UncleEdison (0_0)
Woop woop Ken’s xhapter is up on my wall lemme lnow any feedback or auestions!
1 day ago by Supernova
Shall i try and track you down now? Lol
2 days ago by Supernova