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Zamazenta should have access to Recover, Body Press, and King’s Shield.

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Primal's Time Machine

"'Sup?" Pika asked as she stepped into Primal's laboratory that he apparently had. "I'm going to go back in time and get those darn Shiny Legends from the old Gen 2 event thingies." he answered before Water Spouting a machine he was working on. By some sort of magic, it powered up. "DERRRRRRPRPPPRPRPRPRRPPRPRPPR I GOT A NEW SONG CALLED 'N PEE TAKES FLIGHT'" came the shrieking voice of Parlor Swipple as she tried to break into the lab. Primal groaned. He knew that if she was there, N was there, and possibly Groudon, Lusamine, and Josh Kool. So he tossed Pika into the machine and got in himself as it traveled back through time. Pika fell out, rather dizzy from the fact that she had just went back in time. Primal casually exited. There was no N in sight, so clearly it was a success. "We're here! Back in the year 2000 and something I guess!" Primal exclaimed. Pika crawled across the ground and hit her head on a trash can which made it roll into a twenty-something years younger Parlor Swipple. Primal facefinned. "OMDERP YOU'RE SUPER UN-LAMEHEADICAL SO I'M GONNA SING MY NEW SONG CALLED 'I WANT A BOYFRIEND WITH GREEN HAIR AND ONE LETTER FOR A NAME' SO GET READY" she screeched. Pika slowly stood up, looking confused. "Brace yourself." Primal said. "AAAAAHHHHHHH I NEED A GREEN-HAIRED BOYFRIEND WITH ONE LETTER FOR A NAAAAAAME HE NEEDS TO BE THE KING OF SOME DUMB ORGANIZATION YEAH YEAH DORP HE NEEDS TO SHARE MY NONEXISTANT MORALS AND EAT THE YUMMY DELICACY CALLED BAKED BEEEEEEAAAAAAANS AND LOVE MY MUSIC BECAUSE I'M A RICH CELIBREATTY OR HOWEVER YOU SPELL IIIIIIIIIIIT OH HE NEEDS TO LET ME PEE IN THE BATHTUB BECAUSE WTF IS A TOILET I'M TOO DERPING SMART FOR THAT AND THEN WE'LL TURD IN EACH OTHERS' BEEEEEEEEEEEEDS" She bowed after finishing her 'song'. But Primal and Pika were long gone. But then Pika klutzily bumped into twenty-something years younger Lusamine. "OMPEE DERP" she exclaimed. Then she looked at Pika who was about to run away. "OH MY DERP YOU'RE AS CUTE AS MY SON I'LL HAVE IN SEVEN YEARS" "You plan your children in advance?" Primal asked. "YEAH I'LL NAME HIM AFTER A FLOWER LIKE A DAISY DORP AND THEN I'LL DRESS HIM UP LIKE A PRINCESS" Pika immediately felt overwhelming pity for Gladion. "Oh, what Gladion must've struggled through..." Pika whispered. "At least she didn't name him Daision." Primal replied. They backed away slowly as Lusamine went insane blabbing about ways she'd torture her future son. Pika casually sung My Heart Sings For You for little reason, but then a green-haired idiot heard them. "OMGEE IS THAT PARLEEEEER SWEEEEEPLE'S MOMMY ON THE LEEENK CABEEEL" It was twenty-something years younger Ghetsis, who wanted to marry Parlor Swipple's mother for some reason. "Oh crap." Primal said. Ghetsis ran up to Pika and picked her up. As you can expect, she was terrified. "OMG PARLOR SWIPPLE MOMMY YOU SURE GOT SHORT DORP WHEN DID YOU PUT ON A TUXEDO YOU LOOKED BETTER IN YOUR POOP EMOJI OUTFIT" Ghetsis shrieked. Primal Ice Beamed him in the face which made him let go of Pika who ran for the hills. Primal followed. But then Pika nearly crashed into Gladion and then nearly fainted because this was twenty-something years ago and he wasn't supposed to be alive yet. He folded his arms and glared at them, very much alive and thirteen years old. "I saw Parlor Swipple smearing baked beans on the lab so I assumed you were in it. Surprise surprise, you had traveled through time... again. Now what are you up to this time?" he demanded with a stern glare at Pika, who was trying not to giggle like a schoolgirl over him again. "Oh hi Daision. Yeah I was trying to get some Shiny Legends from some events from the past so I went back to the past to get the Shiny Legends from the past." Primal explained. "But that's just- wait, Daision?" "Yeah Loser- I mean Lusamine said she wanted to name her son after a daisy, and you're her son." "Well she needs to be put in a mental institute. Come on, we're going home to our own time." Primal would've Water Spouted him, but he knew Pika would try to kill him and he decided he'd just come back when Gladion was asleep. They went back into the time machine and arrived back at Primal's lab. Gladion casually stomped over dead Josh Kool alts and Pika followed him while trying to give him nuzzles. Primal, bored, loaded up Crystal. "Well I'll be!" he exclaimed. Inside his PC Boxes were Shiny Legends.

The end.
15 hours ago by Gladion Aether
Chapter 11: The Truth

They eventually made it out of Glittering Moutain and returned to school. "Impressive! Congratulations! 'Team Super Honerable Master Watchog'... huh? Or was it 'Excellent Team Vice Principal Watchog'...?" Watchog asked himself. Sapphire rolled his eyes. "Oh, never mind. Congratulations all around! Good job, Deerling, Espurr, Sapphire! While on the other hand..." he muttered. They turned to see Ruby, Pancham, and Goomy. "Why is everything always my fault, huh?!" Ruby yelled. "Because you're always so annoying! I can't focus at all when you're around and being such a pain all the time! And on top of that, you're always rushing off into dangerous places!" "Isn't that what it means to have an adventure?!" "All it means is that we never actually clear the stupid dungeon!" Pancham cried. Sapphire didn't know if he should be amused or not. "My, my. Indeed, you'll never clear a dungeon with that kind of terrible teamwork. Hold on a second... are those two... are they even listening to me? I hate this part of my job. Why do problem children have to be so problematic?" Watchog muttered. "Everyone else, please take care that you don't end up like those two. I will be dealing out extra assignments to both of them later. For everyone else, class is dismissed! Off on your way!" After school was out, the children begun to go home. "Good-bye, Ms. Audino!" Espurr said. "Yes, good-bye for today! Have a safe trip home!" "Ms. Audino, I hope you'll give me some real TLC next time I faint in a dungeon!" Shelmet said. "Now, now! I'll have none of that cheek from you... unless you'd like me to drop you off in a really frightening dungeon." "Huh?! B-But... if it was just you and me going... hehe..." "Stop that!" Laughing, Shelmet and Pancham ran off. Sapphire was walking home when Deerling and Goomy approached him. "Huh? Sapphire? Are you walking home alone? Where's Ruby?" Deerling asked. "Rushed off alone again?" Goomy asked. Sapphire nodded. "I see... well, then you'll just have to walk together with us!" Deerling said. "OK." Sapphire replied and continued to walk, Deerling and Goomy at his side. "But why hasn't Ruby been coming together with you anymore? You didn't come to school together this morning, either. Until now, I thought the two of you had been getting along so well." Sapphire's heart felt a bit heavy. "We were talking, and... and I suggested that she might be a bit annoying." he explained. "Hmm. So that's it... she's usually quick to recover from disappointments, but... perhaps this time stung a little too much." Deerling said. Sapphire's head drooped. "But that doesn't mean what you said was wrong, Sapphire. You had to be honest, after all. It's true that Ruby tends to drag everyone into trouble more often than not." Sapphire stopped. Deerling and Goomy turned to face him. "Hm? What is it?" "I want to know... how do you feel about Ruby?" he asked. "It's not like I don't like Ruby... she's always cheerful. And fun to be around. So I don't dislike Ruby, really... but... I have ended up in dangerous situations because of Ruby's 'adventures'." Goomy replied. "Dangerous situations?" "Well, you know how Ruby will walk right into places that even adults avoid. She calls it an 'adventure' and drags others in. It gets to be a bit much. Goomy has gotten a little tired of all that. And I don't hate Ruby or anything... but there is a limit on how reckless one can be. Sometimes I just have to say no." Deerling said. "I see..." Sapphire muttered. That's when he realized that Ruby wasn't actually all that close to the other kids. The next morning, he stretched and yawned, getting out of bed. But when he went into the living room, he noticed that Nuzleaf was standing there. Nuzleaf noticed him and turned around. "Oh! Awake already, Sapphire? Well, good morning to you!" "Nuzleaf! You're back already!" Sapphire exclaimed. "Sorry for leaving you by your lonesome like that. I bet you missed me, huh?" he asked. "Well... not really." "What's that? You didn't miss me none? W-Well now. That's a bit disheartenin' to hear... but never you mind... tell me... you recollect anything about yourself and your past yet? Anymore sign of them Beheeyem?" Sapphire shook his head. "Mm-hmm. It's a shame you ain't remembered nothin' new, but... at least you ain't had to face any trouble here on your own, neither. And how's school life treatin' you? No problems, I hope? I'd feel awful bad if the other kids were pickin' on you or anything of that sort..." "They're not." "Truly? That was my biggest concern, so I'm right glad to hear that! I reckon we might keep pluggin' along like this and see how things turn out. And for you, that means another day of goin' off to school like a good li'l student." Nuzleaf said. "OK. Bye, Nuzleaf." Sapphire replied before heading outside. He stopped and looked at the house Ruby lived in. "Looks like I'll be walking to school on my own again today..." he muttered. As he walked to the plaza, he couldn't help but feel a bit lonely. When he reached the plaza, he noticed a crowd near the village entrance. He walked up to the crowd and saw Lombre approach Carracosta and Hippopotas. "So? How did it look?" Carracosta asked. "I tried to get a decent look around, but it was no good. They're all worked up!" Lombre exclaimed. "But it vill all be vorth it if ve get some delicious Honey out of it in ze end." Hippopotas said. Sapphire felt his curiousity grow. A small pale green Pokémon with an almost tan face and no hands walked up to them. "Delicious Honey?" it asked. "Yeah, that's right. Out in Nectar Meadow, they're starting on their annual- huh? Aren't you-" "Budew. Roselia's little one. Honey-making season has begun, child. Many Pokémon like Beedrill and Combee all get together to make heaps o' Honey." Carracosta explained. "And ze Honey zat zey make iz ze best! Just a little taste iz enough to have me jumping for joy!" Hippopotas exclaimed. "You... jumping for joy?" Budew asked. "It's a nutritional powerhouse, to boot. However, they're on edge while making Honey. Stay safe and steer clear till they're all done. Especially a wee child like yourself. It's best to give Nectar Meadow a wide berth at this time of year." Carracosta said. "Honey making, huh? I wonder what that 'delicious Honey' is like. I wouldn't mind a taste." Sapphire muttered to himself. He went to the Deposit Box and put his items and money in storage. Then he remembered how Ruby had sold the fresh-looking Apples for quite a bit of Poké. So he grabbed the two best-looking Apples and walked over to the Kecleon Shop. "Welcome to the Kecleon Shop! How can I help you?" Kecleon asked. "I'd like to sell these..." he muttered before putting the two Apples on the counter. Kecleon looked them over for a moment. "I'll buy them for two hundred Poké. Sound good to you?" "Yes." Sapphire replied. Kecleon handed Sapphire two hundred Poké and took the Apples, putting them on the shelf behind him. "Thanks for your business! Anything else I can help you with?" Sapphire looked at the items that were for sale. "No." he said. "Thanks for your business. Come back anytime!" Sapphire nodded in reply and put the Poké in the Deposit Box before heading up the path to school. "Good morning, Principal Simipour!" Goomy greeted. "Good morning to you, Goomy." Simipour replied. "Oh! Principal Simipour! Good morning!" Deerling said. "And a good morning to you, Deerling." "Good morning, Principal Simipour! You got gate duty today, huh? So, let me ask you, sir... why are you always smirking?" Shelmet asked. "I am not smirking. I'm smiling, my boy. I'm just so tickled to see all of you coming to school in such good spirits. More important than that, though, class is about to begin! Be off to your seat like a good boy." came Simipour's reply. "Yes, sir!"
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When everyone had gotten to their seats, Pancham piped up. "Hey, Sapphire! Where'd you come from, anyway? You know you never told us." Everyone turned to Sapphire, which didn't please him much. "Does anybody know where Sapphire's from?" "I have no idea." Shelmet replied. "Well, no, I guess not..." Deerling muttered. "That's true, huh? We never even asked, did we? Man, I can't believe I-" "Yeah, yeah, that's enough from you. Once you start, you never stop. So don't." Pancham said, cutting Ruby off. "But isn't that weird? That nobody knows where you're from? So tell us. Oh! N-No way could you be... are you from Lively Town?!" Pancham asked. "What?! Lively Town?" "So that makes you, like, a city Pokémon, huh, Sapphire! So sophisticated!" Shelmet exclaimed. Sapphire rolled his eyes. "Nuzleaf hardly seems like the city type. I think you're on the wrong track." Espurr said. Sapphire didn't know what to do, believing that they wouldn't believe him if he told them the truth. "Then what's the real answer? Where'd you really come from?" Pancham asked. Sapphire decided that hiding the truth wouldn't gain him anything, so he'd be honest. "If you really want to know... I came here from the human world." he said. "Whaaaaaaat?!" everyone cried. "You're-" "From the human world?! Like, a real live human?!" Shelmet cried. "But you are undeniably a Pokémon right now, Sapphire..." Espurr stated. "I know... but when I came here, I woke up as a Mudkip. I don't know why, but I don't even have any memory of my old life. But I know I'm a human." Sapphire said. "Whaaaaaaaaat?!" everyone cried again. For a moment, there was silence. Then Pancham begun to laugh. "Sapphire! You're such a liar!" "Wha-" "Now who would ever believe a made-up story like you being a human? Nobody's ever seen a real human! They only exist in kids' stories!" Pancham said. "Well, yeah, it is a bit hard to believe..." Deerling muttered. "Deerling..." "I don't exactly believe it, but I can't say that I know enough either way. What would Sapphire gain from telling such a lie?" "Espurr..." "If you're gonna make up lies, at least do a better job at making them believable!" Pancham laughed. "Order! What's all this ruckus about now?!" came Farfetch'd voice. He was standing above the stairs that led to a higher-up part of the school, inlcluding the clinic and the principal's office. "Teach! Sapphire's telling lies!" Pancham said. "Telling lies?" Farfetch'd asked, walking down the stairs. "Yeah! Totally unbelievable whoppers!" Pancham exclaimed. Sapphire was about to cut in, but then they heard another voice. "Sometimes the most unbelievable things... are the things you should most believe in. That's what I've found." "Principal Simipour!" Deerling cried. Simipour walked down and stood behind the desk the teachers stood at, which seemed to be part of a tree stump. "Perhaps Sapphire's story is not true... but who are we to say? And what if... it is not a lie? Sometimes unbelievable things do happen... and because they do, living in this world proves endlessly entertaining. Not that I have any idea what kind of tales Sapphire may have been telling!" Simipour said with a laugh. "The point is just that you children should examine things from many angles... and hopefully have fun learning many new things as you do. Change your point of view even a little, and you might see an entirely new picture. But now, I believe it is time for class to begin. Mr. Farfetch'd? I leave the rest to you." "Y-Yes, sir." Farfetch'd replied. Simipour left, and Farfetch'd stood behind the desk. "Let's get started then, class. Today we will begin with the tale of the Three Little Spoink and the Mightena. Now, let me see.... once upon a time, in a far-off kingdom-" "Mr. Farfetch'd? I don't think that's the right story." Espurr said. "Ah! Indeed. I apologize..." Farfetch'd replied.
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Red Rescue Team: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Meowth, Psyduck, Machop, Cubone, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip

Explorers of Sky: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Phanpy, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Shinx, Riolu

Gates to Infinity: Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Axew
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My strategy to not get banned: don't say anything therefore there's no behavior at all.
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I suppose Tsareena
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Glad you agree
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In response to your post on ar's wall, I have decided it will be represented as a Tsareena
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O-OK... I'll try...
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I should apologize to people like that. XD

...Wait when was the last time I apologized to someone?
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