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84 points to cross you
7 hours ago by Swastik
Gladion Aether
2 hours from now
Who lives in a harmonica under the sea? Gillbob Squarepants!
2 hours from now
I am going to prove that Gill lives underwater and reveal that he is a fish

I have posted this on your wall for some reason now it's here have fun. XD
9 hours ago by Gladion Aether
Points difference coming closer....
10 hours ago by Swastik
(loudly blasts epical parody songs and decides to sing one I wrote myself)

The Frocky Whees

Josh Kool is rising
The RMT noob reins
And N's never quieting
The frocky whees will save us
'Cause tonight there's a 'concert'
Parlor Swipple shattering my eardrums
For the first time since the baked bean flood
I've gotta call the frocky whees

The frocky whees
Yeah, it's the frocky whees
Groudon creates a baked bean mess
But they couldn't care less
The frocky whees
They're epic, the frocky whees
I hate that scream of Losermine's
Which is why I'm gonna bust her spleens

It's the lamehead's nature
And all their 'instincts' too
Hide behind Gligurr alts
And then run off to turd in their shoe
All the lameheads can bite a brick
And scream because N dies
So while they're puking on baked beans
I'm gonna call the perfect guys

The frocky whees
They're not lame, the frocky whees
They aren't
The lameheads try to stand up and fight
But they're clobbered all through the night
The frocky whees
Let's go, the frocky whees
Oh yeah
They'll crush the lameheads' forces
With train wheel-legged metal horses
1 day ago by Gladion Aether
I'm gonna be a Gla-Gla Lukey fishie.
1 day ago by Gladion Aether
Can't wait. XD
1 day ago by Gladion Aether
1 day ago by Gladion Aether
Maybe I should change my name to Giru-Rūku.
1 day ago by Gladion Aether
1 day ago by Gladion Aether