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I wanted this Trevenant for my team (Yes, it's surprisingly good) but I don't have the friend safari option. Hordes is one way, though troublesome, but is there any easier way?


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Tips on how to make breeding easier! If this is what you mean.

First of all, breeding natures. If you give a Pokemon an everstone whilst in the day-care, the will be a 100% chance of the offspring having the same nature in X and Y (in previous Generations it was a 50% chance). So if you have a female Trevenant and male Pokemon in the same egg group with the right nature, give the male an everstone, put them in the Day-care, and the baby Phantump will have your wanted nature!

These are the Pokemon in Trevenants egg group:


And of course how to get multiple everstones, if they were accidentley sold:

Now the abilities. If the Pokemon already has a hidden ability in the day-care, then there will be a 33% chance that that is what the off-springs ability will be, there is no definate way to ensure the right ability, but about 1/3 isn't bad.

If the Pokemon in the Day-Care has a normal ability (like natural cure) there is no chance at all that the off-spring will have the hidden ability, and in Trevenant's case there will be a 50% chance that the offspring will have will have natural cure, and a 50% chance of it having frisk.

A you said, Pokemon in hordes hve a slight chance that Pokemon will be caught with there hidden ability, but if you bring along a Pokemon with sweet scent then when used out of battle you will encounter a horde 100% of the time, if you can find hordes there.

Just as an extra, IV breeding. if the Pokemon in the Day-Care is holding a Destiny Knot, then the off-spring will have 5 random IV stats carried down to the off-spring from it's parents. Pokemon found in the Friend Safari have 2 perfect IV stats, but I know you don't have that option. Also, a power item (when given to the Pokemon in the day-care) will garrentee the transfer of that IV stat.

For example: if you were to give the Pokemon in the Daycare a Power Weight, then the offspring will have the same HP IV stat of it's parent who held that item.

The IV Judge in Kiloude Pokemon Centre will tell you what IVs it has.

I have phantump in the friend safari, so if you want my friend code tell me in the comments section down below.

Otherwise, I would have to resort to finding and catching a horde Pokemon with the hidden ability, using the power items to boost IVs whilst trying to get the right nature (when you do give it an everstone) and hope for the best!

Hope this helped!

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After looking it over, this is incorrect.
There isn't a 33% chance for Trevenant to get Natural Cure, a 33% to get Frisk and a 33% chance to get Harvest when breeding. Since Harvest is a hidden ability, it cannot be obtained unless the mother (or father if breeding with ditto) is caught with one. So it's actually a 50% chance for Natural Cure and a 50% chance of Frisk, not counting what ability the mother has.

Destiny Knot actually brings down 5 random IVs from the 12 the parents possess. And the Power Items don't increase the IV, they guarantee transfer of the IV the parent has. So say a Poke holding the Power Weight has an HP IV of 27. The offspring will have an HP IV of 27 as well, not 28/29/30/31.
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Nope. Despite what the other answers state, there isn't an easier way to get a Harvest Trevenant through breeding. You don't just get a hidden ability, the mother (or father, if breeding with Ditto) needs to have the HA or else the offspring has no chance of getting said HA.

Say I have a Female Lickitung with Cloud Nine (Hidden Ability) and a Male Torterra with Overgrow. If I breed those two, I'll have a chance of getting a Cloud Nine Lickitung.

If I have a Female Lickitung with Oblivious and a Male Torterra with Overgrow and breed them, there is no chance at all to get a Cloud 9 Lickitung.

As for your Trevenant problem, there isn't an easier way besides hordes and Friend Safari. If you want to go the latter route, sift through this thread and find a Phantump Friend Safari.

As for catching the Phantump, catch an Abra with your desired nature and Synchronize. Synchronize increases the chance of encountering wild Pokmeon with the same nature as the Abra if it's in the lead spot. Ralts is another good Synchronizer, being rare on Route 4 in red/yellow flowers.

After catching the Phantump/Trevenant with Harvest, evolve it if you have to and bonjour! You have your very own Harvest Trevenant with a good nature.

Source: Experience

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Finding Abra in the wild is a very rare occurance.
Trying to catch it before it teleports away makes it even harder to catch.
Finding the right nature for it then makes it a 1/25 on top the small odds of encountering abra anyway. Making it Very. Hard.
No problems with Abra (in fact I have quite a few for trade, after evolving them of course) but phantumps sadly evolve in trade, so catchingone with the hidden ability won't do too much good.
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And Abra has a catch rate of 200. Not too hard.
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There is no other way unless you have someone breed a trevenant with another Pokemon and have them breed it until it has its hidden ability. Otherwise, there is no other way except hordes and friend safari.

Sorry, I didn't get it... you mean to say that after enough breeding the hidden ability will emerge?
Yes... :(