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How do I get protean Greninja?

You can breed your Greninja till you get a Froakie with Protean.

For further reference, please don't ask for trades (as this not a Forum, rather a Q&A only), as this may result in flagging of your question, and it may be hidden.
^ That doesn't work. One of the parent Froakie / Frogadier / Greninja has to have Protean. It doesn't just happen randomly.
Really? 0.0

Lmao, learn something new everyday..

Is that for all HA (Sorry, my breeding skills aren't so good. Probably the only time I'll EVER say that xD)??
Yep. One parent at least has to have the HA in order for the baby to have it.

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Protean Frogadier can be found in the Water-type Friend Safari, you'll need to have access to one of these or you must trade.

Everybody has either a Protean Froakie or a Protean Greninja. On your PSS, go to your shout out thing and say "LF: HA Froakie"

You're bound to get one soon