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Hi. Can someone tell me how to counter protean Greninja without lossing a Pokemon?

Please, don't forget that protean ability.

Greninja is a ou-tier Pokemon that it's capable of sweep my whole team mid-game. He can carry attack of ice, water, poison, psyquic, dark, etc.

My team:
Mega tyranitar stealth rock
Revenge Garchomp (Charizard x with 1 DD counter)
Unawere cleric clefable (DD counter)
Sableye anoyer (M-medicham counter)
Heatran assault vest (Charizard y counter)
Hitmontop rapid spin

What do I have to change?

You can use Chansey, which can switch into most of Greninja's attacks and spam seismic toss.
Also if the question is about competitive battling, then you're much more likely to get a good answer if you ask here. https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/simple-questions-simple-answers-thread-read-the-op-before-posting-a-thread.3587186/

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Toxapex and Mega Venusaur can wall Greninja if it lacks Extrasensory; Chansey can wall Greninja if it is not physically based and running Low Kick; Ferrothorn is a good answer for those lacking Hidden Power Fire; and Gastrodon will completely stop those lacking Hidden Power Grass. Assault Vest Magearna avoids the 2HKO from all of Greninja's moves, but is easily worn down due to its lack of recovery. Keldeo, while prone to residual wear and chip damage, can irritate Greninja lacking Extrasensory. Alomomola's massive HP stat allows it to avoid the 2HKO from a majority of its coverage moves, fearing only the rare Hidden Power Grass and Electric.

I personally have never seen Greninja with a fighting attack, so I'd recommend Chansey.