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I was having a little brainstorming sesh with Greninja and toxic spikes when a little thought popped up. Suppose a forretress or something uses toxic spikes, and I swap Greninja into them. It gets poisoned, naturally. But what would happen if I used toxic spikes or toxic with Protean? It would make Greninja the poison type. So in that case, would Greninja continue to take poison damage, or cure it's own poisoning? Would it absorb the toxic spikes? I'm guessing it wouldn't cure it's poisoning, but would halt the poison damage until it swaitched type with Protean again, but it's whether using toxic with Protean would change it to the poison type and absorb the foes toxic spikes I'm curious about.

Does anyone know for sure?


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If Greninja changes type after being poisoned, it will continue to take damage from being poisoned. It won't absorb the Toxic Spikes either, because they're absorbed upon switch in, and Greninja was Water/ Dark upon switch in.

It's the same with Gengar/ Crobat being unable to absorb Toxic Spikes, even if something like Smack Down or Gravity is used on it when it's on the field.

We also know that Greninja will continue taking poison damage because it's the same mechanics as Soak. If a steel/ poison type Pokemon has Soak used on it, it will become susceptible to poisoning. After being poisoned, it will switch out and revert to its original typing. However, when in battle again, it will continue to take damage from poisoning, regardless of it being a steel type again.

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