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For more use of Protean, I would imagine that Greninja can learn moves of every type (if not every type, then a lot of types).

Does it learn a move of every type? If not, what type(s) of moves can it not learn?
(Count moves that only Froakie/Frogadier can learn, and don't count Hidden Power)

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Y not count hidden power?
Don't necro posts...

And if I counted HP the answer will be all 18.

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Greninja can learns moves that are Dark, Fighting, Psychic, Normal, Water, Ghost, Ground, Poison, Ice, Rock, Flying, Grass, and Bug.

That is 13 out of the 18 types. He does not get any move of the Fire, Electric, Dragon, Steel, or Fairy types.

I hope this helped.

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Fire, Fairy, Electric, Dragon, Poison and Steel cannot be learned.
If you count Hidden Power, then all but Fairy can be learned.

Water: Surf
Psychic: Extrasensory
Ground: Dig
Dark: Night Slash
Ghost: Shadow Sneak
Normal: Round
Grass: Grass Knot
Flying: Bounce
Fighting: Rock Smash
Rock: Smack Down
Ice: Ice Beam
Bug: U-turn

Can't all Pokemon learn Toxic though?
Poo is being dumb. He answered your question of Can Greninja learn all types of moves.
Poo - Mew
I was really considering offensive moves, really, as you're not doing much by going for Toxic. The status move I can see with the most usage on Greninja is Spikes, which grants Electric immunity.