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I am playing Pokemon Y and everywhere I look it says I can catch Poliwrath at the beginning of Victory Road by fishing in the water with the super rod. I don't want to just evolve Poliwhirl because I decided I wanted to catch every Pokemon in the game. The longest I've had to look for a rare Pokemon was about 2 hours and I'm on day 3 trying to catch it. I've even managed to catch 2 shiny Poliwhirls in the process. Can someone please tell me if it is in fact there? Thanks!


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Unfortunately, yes. The only place you can catch Poliwrath is in Victory Road. Sorry. :(

However, if you decide to give up (xD) the Poliwhirls of Routes 14, 15, 16, 19, 21 and the Pokemon Village waits for you.

Good luck, and hope I helped. :)
Source: Serebii and Bulbapedia

Is that just from what you've read or have you actually found one there? I guess my question is more so did anybody find one there?
Well, no. However many sources have confirmed it, it's too viral to say it isn't in Victory Road.
I finally found it!! After 3 days of trying in the first water area in Victory Road and having no luck, I decided to try other water areas and still nothing. Finally, the last possible place to fish before entering the Pokemon League, one finally showed up after only 10 tries.