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I want to save Hypnosis for Clair's Kingdra but I feel I need a Fighting type STAB. The Other Moves Are Surf, Strength and Ice Punch. It has no nature seeing as I'm Playing Crystal, its attacking Stats are Both 39. he/she (guess I should have checked o.O) is my best team member so this is really important =p

My Team, Poli wirl/wrath - Current set- Ice Punch-Surf-Strength-Hypnosis
Furret-Currents set- Shadow Ball-Cut-Slam_Quick Attack
Bayleef-Current set-Synthesis-Strength-Poison Powder-RazorLeaf
Charmeleon-Current Set- Fire Punch-Headbutt-Smoke Screen-Growl
Eevee-Current Set-Quick Atack-Bite-Sand-Attack-Growl
Larvitar-Bite-Rock Slde-Dig-Screech
I only Just beat Morty, I know these moves suck.. you dont have to remind me T__T

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What are its teammates?
Does it matter?
Well another team member could carry a fighting move, but another team member could carry a sleep move as well
ugh so much effort
you should catch a random pokemon and give HMs to  it
Try to teach them moves to counter their weaknesses and makes your opponents pokemon go to sleep etc.
Also evolve eevee to vaporeon- High hp, can learn ice beam to tackle its grass weakness and its effective against clair's dragons
Or even a jolteon- Maybe that's better as no point of two water types

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It depends partly on what other Pokemon you are using. Assuming you have no other Fighting types on your team, I recommend Submission, because the Fighting type is useful against so many different types (Ice, Normal, Dark, Rock, and Steel). Hypnosis can still be useful, though, just be prepared to miss a lot.

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i am prepared to (and already have, like alot ) miss (ed) with Hypnosis
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Hypnosis because it is unexpected even though its accuracy is low

Accuracy is better in crystal
Looooool. Unexpected?
What's funny?
I never knew it could learnt it
Lol did I misunderstand?
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Hypnosis in my opinion. Id much rather put the enemy asleep so I know I wont take any damage....where as with submission youre not only dealing damage but it hits you with recoil if I'm not mistaken

ye you should know wake-up slap to. it awakes the target but does double damage :P