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Can Poliwrath Learn Both Hydropump and Mindreader in Generation II, Crystal?

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I've started playing my old Generation II Crystal with a friend who's rivaling me with the original Silver. I know that at Level 51, Poliwhirl learns Hydropump, but at 51 Poliwrath learns Mind Reader. I was hoping to get both so that I could then have an ultra powerful Poliwrath who knows the moves Hypnosis, Hydropump, Mind Reader, and Dynamic Punch, but I don't want to risk Mind Reader for Hydropump when I could settle for Surf, which is still a great move. I'd love to have it all, but that much training just doesn't seem worth the risk, and since the only way to get a Poliwrath is to trade, the game would automatically save. So my question is, if I trade him at Lv 51, just as he's learned Hydropump, will the game still give me the option to teach him Mind Reader when he's been traded?

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You're in luck! Poliwrath can learn both of those attacks.

Poliwrath can learn Mind Reader as an egg move. If you don't know how to breed down egg moves, just ask me. :)

As for Hydro Pump, Poliwrath can only learn it as a Poliwhirl at Lv. 51.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Serebii

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